Bookshelves designs for booklovers

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girl picking book from book shelve

Books are mostly stored in bookshelves and can be fixed anywhere like a living room, dining room or bedroom. In modern homes, book lovers keep them at their house so that they can build their private library. The bookworms love to add books to the pile of the collection they have. Visiting the bookstore at the corner of the street, or at an airport or local book fair they cannot leave the premises empty handed and so they tend to buy something of their interest.

Advantages of reading books

In modern homes, bookshelves are built for the purpose of storing books and protection of them from dust and harsh weather conditions. Multipurpose bookshelves from urban ladder are available in different designs and styles which are made of wood, metal, glass or plastic. Even in the age of technology people are interested in reading books. Readers get pleasure by holding the book in their hand while reading which is not possible with the electronic gadgets like laptops, tablets, and PC. Readers love the elegant fragrance of books while reading it. Some readers walk around their house while reading the book and it acts as a partial exercise to them.

book shelve in a library

A person who is interested in reading more books wishes to create their own dream library, where they can store the books of their interest and passion. Having bookshelf at home doesn’t mean only books are to be kept even other things that add beauty to the house can also be kept. Reading is the favorite pastime of most individuals in olden days but now the people who read more are called nerds. Technology helps them to change their reading habits. Now reading is done by using online mode as e – books from laptops, mobiles and on PC. However, prolonged reading of e – books can affect the eyes of the reader, it is not the same in case of traditional books. Reading traditional books improves the eye sight of the reader. Exposure to electronic gadgets not only damages the eye sight but also have other side effects on various parts of the body.

Space adjustments

Bibliophiles love to collect the books and store them. But, by doing this there will be a problem of space adjustments in the house as the books get piled up. This can be overcome by having additional bookshelves or multipurpose bookshelves. Multipurpose bookshelves from urban ladder are the best in the industry as they serve both the decorated and shelves with one roof. Having multiple features associated with the single product also adds to the customer satisfaction.

In houses where the living room and the dining area are adjacent to each other, it acts as an unconventional room divider in which the bookshelf is open from both sides. In this case, the user can switch according to his convenience. Books are treated as the friends of humans when no one is around. Therefore, it is the duty of the reader to protect and keep them in a good condition.

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