Bollywood Actress told Arnab Goswami to Shut up and Left His Show

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Arnab Goswami

Again the controversial news anchor is in headlines. Yes it is Arnab Goswami again. This time he tried to shut Mita Vashisht up against Col V.N. Thappar where three of them were part of a debate of whether the Pakistani actors should be entertained in India or not. But when the debate took a serious turn and Mita was about to clarify her point while Col V.N. Thappar was speaking, Arnab Goswami took charge to slam Mita with harsh words that made infuriated Mita leave the show.


The Bollywood got divided over the issue of whether the Pakistani actors and artists should be welcomed as MNS took a stern policy to ban them in India; many Bollywood personalities express their disagreement. This is quite a debatable issue for last few days that is making headlines. In between Arnab’s attacking words made the situation worst.

Today Mita Vashisht took the platform of Dailyo to clarify the situation. She wrote:

I had said: “I am not interested in Fawad Khan or Pakistani actors. Their presence or absence in Bollywood is not important to me. Bollywood producers cast them because they wanted to and if the producers’ body is now screaming for their ouster from the country in order to display their angst about our soldiers in Uri, wouldn’t it be better if they put their energies into collecting funds for the families of the Uri martyrs, shouldn’t our energies be directed towards actually connecting with them – the widows, children and parents of those killed? Asking how they are and what can we do for them.”

She made it clear that the aftermath of Uri Attack is going absolutely in a wrong direction as we are too interested in Bollywood forgetting the fact that the Uri people need more attention than anything else now. She added India and Pakistan were never friends so it is weird to behave in a such way that the issue is new.

She attacked Goswami saying: “Arnab is playing a game of dangerous mischief.”

After the the sudden attack in Uri from Pakistan 18 Indian soldiers got killed that infuriated the entire nation but when the banning of the Pakistani artist came into news the nation seem to get divided. Times Now journalist Arnab Goswami himself make headlines every now and then for his bizarre and strict behavior. This time how long this controversy go only time will tell!

Watch the Video Clipping of Arnab Goswami Slamming Mita Vashisht

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