Blackberry DTEK70 Release Date, Price, Feature: Everything You Need to Know

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The world of smartphone is dominated by the likes of Apple and Samsung. But with the passage of time, there are a number of brands which have come up and provided great competition to the smartphones produced by these two leading smartphone making names. And among those which have been on the run for being the leading brand across the world, we have the Blackberry which has over the years come out with a number of incredible mobile phones and is now in the news for a new smartphone device – the Blackberry DTEK70 which is also called as the Blackberry Mercury.

Blackberry DTEK70
Blackberry DTEK70 is expected to be the smartphone which will mark a comeback for Blackberry into the world of smartphones

Blackberry DTEK70 Release Dates

Rumours have been coming from different sections that the Blackberry DTEK 70 is going to be released with the onset of the year 2017. The company which bears the responsibility of manufacturing Blackberry smartphone provided a preview of the smartphone during the CES at Las Vegas. But they are yet to provide much information about the smartphone. And it is expected that the device will perhaps be launched during the Mobile World Congress which is going to be held in the month February in Spain. So we would have to keep on waiting for a bit longer in order to get confirmation regarding the features of the upcoming smartphone from Blackberry which will also retain the traditional QWERTY design. And if the phone is unveiled at the MWC 2017 we can expect that the smartphone will be out for sale on the market before the end of the first quarter of the year.

Blackberry DTEK70 Specs and Features

It has been quite a long while since we have received a high-end smartphone from Blackberry. But as the rumours have come by, this upcoming Blackberry DTEK70, which might be made available on the market with the name Blackberry Mercury, is not going to be too much different from its predecessors although it has been promised that significant changes will be brought to make the device all the more efficient. And among the features, the one which grabs the limelight is the processor which is going to be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor and evidence are there that this news is going to be true when the device makes its appearance on the market. It has been revealed on the Geekbench benchmark testing that the upcoming smartphone from Blackberry is going to sport a Snapdragon 625 processor which will make the device more efficient than its predecessors but definitely not the ones which will sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. So it clearly hints to the fact that the device is going to be a mid-ranged one rather than a high-end one.

Along with that, the smartphone is expected to be unveiled with a 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage. Also, the Geekbench testing of the device has revealed that the Blackberry DTEK70 will run on an Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. That will make the Blackberry DTEK7-0 the smartphone from Blackberry to sport a proper Android operating system.

The camera of the Blackberry DTEK70 is going to be of 18 megapixels on the back while the front camera is going to be equipped with an 8-megapixel lens. The camera as it sounds will be very much close to what it has been in the Blackberry Priv. That will leave the fans of Blackberry a bit disappointed as expectations are high that the upcoming phone will sport a high-end camera. Even then, the proposed camera features do look good if we keep in mind the low-end camera features that the users used to get in the previous smartphones from them. The device will be backed up a powerful 3,400 mAh battery, and the tech experts would expect the Quickcharge technology to come with the device, but nothing has been revealed on that front. But chances are there that it will come with the fast charging technology to back up all the highly power consuming technologies that are expected to be packed with the device. Reports are there that TCL will not ditch the QWERTY keypad of the traditional Blackberry phones which will keep the Blackberry faithful extremely pleased.

Blackberry DTEK70 Price

There has been a real dissatisfaction among the fans of the Blackberry regarding the high price of the smartphones produced by them. Hence we can expect that the device might come with a modest price tag. In fact, reports are there that the developer of Blackberry DTEK70 – TCL has opted for Snapdragon 625 processor to lower the price of the upcoming smartphone. If we go by the reports in the Techvicity, we can predict that the device is going to come out with a price tag of $400. It could go up to $500 as the previous edition of the smartphone in the series had a price tag of almost $600.

Wrap Up

We can expect that the Blackberry DTEK70 is going to be a real hit once it hits the market. And for that, we have to keep on waiting for few more days. It won’t be too much long as we have stated above that the device is going to be unveiled at the MWC 2017 that sets the first quarter of the year 2017 as the date when we can get a hands-on experience of the device. But before that, we have to keep on waiting we have to keep on waiting,with a bit of patience.

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