BJP MP Babul Supriyo Heckled by TMC While Entering the Polling Booth

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BJP MP Babul Supriyo

The third phase of the West Bengal elections of State Legislative Assembly has been very bloody. Since the morning there have been many reports of violence at different places of West Bengal. Death, injury, threats have become small and common things for the West Bengal elections right no0w. according reports, the Babul Supriyo, who is the member of Parliament from Asansol, representing BJP, has also not been spared. Earlier Locket Chatterjee was criticized by the ruling party when she questioned the presiding officer regarding rigging. Now another instance has appeared.

When Babul Supriyo went to the polling booth for casting his vote the TMC workers, allegedly heckled him. The ruling party workers have however justified this act with the fact that Babul had entered the polling booth area with a huge number people around him. Thus he was stopped by the Trinamool Congress workers before he could enter the premises.

However before this Locket Chatterjee also was also threatened by the same party when she questioned the role of a presiding officer when the open rigging was being done right in front of his eyes and he did nothing to stop it.

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The justification that these BJP leaders are giving is that the ruling party has crossed the tolerance limit of violence being used to regulate the electoral process. So naturally in order to protect the Democratic right of the people they had to take such steps. Their justification is that they are doing this for the good of the people. On the other hand the Trinamool Congress leaders are questioning their authority and also that they are breaking the law.

Violence is prevailing all over West Bengal State Assembly Election polling booths. Right since the morning even the voters besides the polling agents and candidates are facing attacks and threats.

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