Bipasha and Karan will Endorse Condoms: They are the Most Bankable Couple for Endorsements Now!

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Bipasha and Karan

The Bollywood hottest couple Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover is set to burn the screen with their upcoming project. A source has revealed that this handsome couple has signed a contract for Playgard condom brand and now they both will be seen endorsing ‘Playgard’ condoms.But while the condom thing has just hit the industry, there was news that Bipasha is pregnant, which she denied and now the news of condom ad just adds to the confirmation of the news. They will be the face of the premium Playgard branded condoms.

Bipasha is a well-known name of modeling and Bollywood industry. She conquered the fashion world and successfully won Bollywood too. This sultry beauty got married to her boyfriend Karan Singh Grover last year, and since then this couple is just inseparable. They are seen everywhere spreading love for each other. A few days back before their marriage they both were seen in a gym, and it was heard that they hit the gym and did pull ups and Bipasha was seen clinging onto Karan’s torso. It is supposed to be for a condom ad, but later the video was removed. Now it seems more justifiable than ever for them to endorse a condom brand. Apart from her, Sunny Leone too features for a well-known condom brand.

Bipasha and Karan’s marriage was quite a talked about issue. As before Karan, Bipasha was in a live-in relation with hunky John Abraham for more than ten years. Karan too was married twice before marrying Bipasha. Few sneered the relation between the two, as carrier wise too Bipasha is far established than her hubby. There was even news that Bipasha’s parents were against this relation. But ultimately they got married and now enjoying a great conjugal life.

Bipasha has been missing from Movies for a long time, and her last release was Creature 3D, with her then boyfriend and now husband, Karan. But since then she has not signed any movies. But there is good news for her fans as she will be part of the Salman Khan’s world tour Da-Baang!

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