BioRing Fitness Tracker Now Can Track Your Diet & Food Habit !!

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BioRing Fitness Tracker

You can track the calorie burnt, and you can’t track the type of food you have consumed. This has been the biggest block when it comes to tracking food consumption. BioRing claimed that its fitness tracker now can track your diet!!

Are you kidding me!!

BioRing Fitness

Not at all. It’s the biggest news for today in the domain of “intelligent fitness tracker”!!

The company believed that their tracker has cracked some lines of technology and got a breakthrough, and their tracker can monitor the whole diet while you are on the go. Thus it helps to keep restriction on your diet fully when you can see how much carbohydrate or protein you are eating every day.

Features of BioRing

Currently, they are working on the prototype of the gadget. Let’s have a look what kind of hardware it has got!!-

  • A 3-axis accelerometer
  • Bio-impedance sensor
  • Optical heart rates sensor that gets data from your fingers

When the data are synced into the app, it combined the whole thing in their algorithm to generate a full health metrics.

The device is fully waterproof (5 meters for 1 minute)!! So cleverly build! Now you can go in rain without any worry!!

What it can track??- Overwhelming!!

Now let’s have a look on the feature it can track easily.

  • Distance
  • Steps taken
  • Sleeping pattern
  • Calorie burn
  • Calorie intake (It’s the biggest breakthrough)
  • Heart rate

How BioRing Can Track Calorie Intake

The whole breakthrough was done by the bio-impedance sensor which measures fluid changes in your cells so intelligently. It reflects the measurement of glucose levels and water intake in a human body, Thus shows the ratio of type of food taken!!

Some other Breakdowns that it can deliver

  • Intake of type of foods
  • Stress level
  • Your inclination towards being an obese person
  • It also let you know when you need to get hydrated- when you need to take water! Impressive. Isn’t it??

All data can be synced directly with its app. The app is available on both platforms- iOS and Android. For Windows users, no news is here!!

As of now, it sounds pretty impressive, and there must be many other things which have not revealed yet.

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