Bigg Boss 11: Was Salman Khan biased towards Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan?

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Salman Khan took a stand against Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma this weekend on Bigg Boss 11. Though it was much-needed on the show, fans think that Bhai was biased in his opinion.The last week had Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde facing a lot of unnecessary comments on their character and on their body. Salman not only scolded Priyank Sharma for the insensitive, body-shaming comments that he made on Shilpa and Arshi but he also told Hina that she should havestopped Priyank considering sheclaims to take a stand for the right things in life and otherwise.Hina also mentionedin the episode that the makers are biased towards her.

Twitter is quite divided and people are pointing out all the things that Shilpa – Arshi said that went unnoticed on the show. But a lot of them also felt that Salman was bang on when he addressed the week’s issues with Hina and Priyank. TV celebsalso tweeted their opinionabout the contestants. Karan Patel and Hina’s beau Rocky Jaiswal even had a Twitter war without taking each other’s names, of course.But we’d like to know what BollywoodLife readers think about this entire situation.Was Salman biased or was he on point?

Here’swhat people are saying on Twitter.

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