Bigg Boss 11: Luv Tyagi & Vikas Gupta Get Into A Nasty Argument, Over A Muesli Box & Hina Khan

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Just another day and just another argument on Bigg Boss 11

A new week has begun on Bigg Boss 11, and like always, not without an argument. This time it were Luv Tyagi and Vikas Gupta, who got into a war of words, and that too over a muesli packet. We have seen in the previous seasons how the contestants hide coffee packets and eggs in their personal drawers. It was no different this year as someone hid a box of muesli in their wardrobe. Vikas found it and went up to Hiten Tejwani, who is the captain of the house, to tell him about this. Luv, who was there too asked Vikas if he found the packet in Hina’s drawer, and this is where all hell broke loose.

Vikas lost his temper and told Luv that he didn’t accuse anyone of stealing the muesli packet. That is when Luv also gave it back to Vikas and told him that he was just asking him. Their argument intensified after the other housemates also got involved. Check out the video right here:

As you saw, it was Priyank Sharma’s muesli that was hidden in the drawer. Agreed he had all the right to get into the argument that was happening between Luv and Vikas, but at the same time, we can clearly see that the rapport between Vikas and Priyank is getting worse with every passing day.

With so much tension between them, we don’t know how will they sort their issues once they come out of the Bigg Boss house after a month.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Luv shouldn’t have asked Vikas that where he found the muesli? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and keep watching this space for all the latest updates on Bigg Boss 11.

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