Bigg Boss 11: Bandgi Kalra’s ex boyfriend is fed up, swears to never date an aspiring actress again- Read Interview

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Every year, Bigg Boss gave us couples who brought in some romance inside the house. But Bigg Boss 11 has been a war field in the truest sense with people hurling personal comments, taunts and what not at each other at the drop of a hat. The only two who got in some love were Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra. However, their love or ‘fake romance’ whatever it may be afflicted a lot of pain to her now former boyfriend Dennis Nagpal. He was in for a shock when he heard Bandgi badmouthing him on national TV. Post that, he has been getting a lot of indecent queries on social media as well. In an EXCLUSIVE with Bollywood Life, Dennis bared his heart out…Excerpts

Looking back, do you regret her decision of entering Bigg Boss 11?
I was happy that she was going to be on the show. I was upset about the fact that I will not get to talk to her for a couple of months or so. Even though she was based in Mumbai and I in Delhi, we used to talk a lot. She would be home by 7pm and we did spend hours chatting. When I came to Mumbai, we stayed together. I knew that things would change post her Bigg Boss stint but not like this but I was very happy for her. She would get popular. It was her dream to become an actor. She had decided to give six months to the entertainment industry. If nothing worked out, she would go back to her career as a software engineer. Bandgi had two years of experience in the corporate sector. I regret in a way that I never expected her to insult me on national TV. Why would she do that when we had a perfect relationship?

Would you say that she is naïve to fall for Puneesh on a show?
Bandgi gets influenced very easily but I don’t understand why would she get cosy when she had a perfect relationship outside the house. Everyone is playing clean. I believe Benafsha (Soonawalla) has a boyfriend outside the show. She is playing keeping that in mind. Her behaviour has upset me. I am not a person who would get cosy with anyone or behave in this manner. Bandgi might be a little naïve but she is not stupid for sure. There was no insecurity or over-possessiveness in our relationship. We hardly used to fight. Our tiffs were minor and would be resolved in hours.

There are talks of you being a possessive boyfriend?
I am decently possessive like any boyfriend would be. She would be alone in Mumbai for 20 days and I never interfered in her life or in her friends circle. I always gave her the space. Yes, if she went out partying I would tell her to drop me a text when she reached home. I would go to sleep. She was alone in Mumbai and so I used to be a little concerned. Maybe a little extra. I have never called her up continuously when she is in a party or out with friends. I really don’t know what has happened to her after getting inside BB11.

So, what went really wrong?
Looking back, I feel that she was probably looking to call off the relationship once she entered the house. But my point is that why were you waiting for the last minute. You could have ended it gracefully. We went for a trip to Goa in September. It was a fun trip and we did not have any fight. This was days before her entry inside the house. Why were you waiting for the last minute? In August, she flew down to Delhi for my birthday. She spent a lot on the flight tickets, hotel, gifts, etc. Why would she do all that if I was the worst people? I am clueless.

As a casting director, you interact with a lot of good-looking young women. Do you feel she was ever insecure?
I do not conduct auditions myself. If I get pictures, I forward them to my team. But Bandgi was not insecure. I used to tell her everything upfront. Everything was fine between us and still she called me the worst person.

Will you call her once she is out of the house?
I will not call or message her. If she calls up, I will ask her for an explanation about what went wrong and why she called me all that on national TV. I am not reconciling with her. There are no second thoughts on that aspect.

Would ever date an aspiring actress again?
I would never fall for any girl who says I want to be an actor or model. People are normal when they come and say they have interest in the glamour field. But the industry changes them. If any other girl says I am an aspiring actress, I will say sorry I cannot be with you.

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