Bigg Boss 11: Angry Salman Khan walks out of the sets, courtesy Puneesh Sharma and Akash Dadlani

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Bigg Boss 11: Salman Khan tried to do something good but his request fell on deaf ears
Salman Khan is trying his best to holdBigg Boss 11contestants together. Week after week he tries to sort out the matters that contestants are facing inside the house. Sometimes he scolds them for theirbad, sometimes he appreciates them for their good. Full points to him for being a perfect host of the show. But the next episode will see him getting furious and walk out of the sets of the reality show. He has been angry before on the show but this seems to be the extreme. The reason behind this extreme reaction is Akash Dadlani.

Earlier this week, onBigg Boss 11, Akash Dadlani and Puneesh Sharma’s friendship fell apart when the latter failed to make former the captain of the house. You see, Puneesh was supposed to vote out Hiten Tejwani from the captaincy task but he took too much time to think. In the meantime, Hina Khan took the opportunity and voted out Akash instead. Akash is disappointed with Puneesh that he didn’t make the right decision for his friend. In fact, high voltage drama went down in the house over their friendship falling apart.Salmanwill take it upon himself to make these two friends again.

Salman will ask them to come to the Sultani Akhada for a battle. There, he will instead askthe two ex-friends to hug it out. While Puneesh will agree, Akash will flatly refuse. Despite Salman’s requests, Akash will be adamant on his stand infuriating him. It is then Salman lose his cool and will tell Akash that he has already lost the game and walk out of the stage of Sultani akhada. Though it is unclear at the moment if Salman made it all the way to the main stage without Akash stopping him.

We hope Akash realises his mistake and shakes hand with Puneesh as Salman requested.

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