BigCommerce Store: Setting up an Affiliate Program for the Ecommerce Platform

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If you have a product or service that you want to sell online, building your own online store or something like a shopping cart would be useful for you. While there are several shopping cart/e-commerce software available out there, BigCommerce is one of the major players in the category that helps you set up your e-commerce platform in a much better way.

Off-late, it has also teamed up with some well-known affiliate tracking tools like LeadDyno among the others. This affiliate tracking tool helps you set up your affiliate website right away so that you can start getting affiliates in your network. It also allows you to tap its affiliate network and recruit from their wide network of affiliates and influencers with no extra charges levied on you.

Moreover, each of your affiliates will also have access to their own affiliate dashboard that help each of them to keep a track of clicks, sales, and commissions in real time, share affiliate link on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and offer a mobile phone app to help promote your products directly via the phone.

Getting back to BigCommerce let’s know more about it.

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform that is known for its unique range of features along with some great affiliate programs to help you earn money easily. If you are looking to grow your profits and help your referrals sell more, simply connect them with BigCommerce, the leading shopping cart software.

Features of BigCommerce

  1. It helps you design your preferred online store that has the potential to grow your brand. It offers some unique themes or some advanced customization options using which you can build a gorgeous looking website that has the potential to engage shoppers and grow your sales.
  2. The platform syncs seamlessly with the third-party business apps and software that are all curated with much care to make sure that they offer only the best solutions.
  3. The built-in sales optimization tools (CRO Tools) and features help the merchants to grow their revenue by turning their shoppers into buyers. The advanced CRO tools also help lower friction, support checkouts, and even get shoppers back who quit your site.
  4. Offers better shipping options to help grow your conversions, improve customer loyalty, and integrate your functions. Your online store is ready with real-time shipping quotes to advanced shipping platforms.
  5. Offers a wide range of online payment options that help you make payments across the globe, grow your mobile conversions, and increase the average order value. The best part is, that you get all this at the best rates and with no needless transaction fees.

Why Choose BigCommerce?

  • Because it makes the promotion of their products easy by allowing you to share their referral links anywhere or by using their pre-prepared banners, emails, etc.
  • Allows you to track the clicks, trials, conversions, and the commissions earned in real-time via the affiliate dashboard like the one by the LeadDyno. This affiliate tracking tool is one of the strongest technology partners of BigCommerce that not just helps you track your sales in real-time, but also helps connect with their large network of affiliates and influencers.
  • What more? Affiliates can also earn up to 200% bonus for each referral with no cap on commissions, accountabilities, or minimum thresholds.
  • You are also assisted by an account manager or an affiliate expert who can help you with each of your goals in the business.

Hosted Vs. Licensed Software

  • The licensed software requires you to first buy the shopping cart software and own a license, download the software to your website’s hosting server, and then only your host server can run the software. It’s the same as the “e-commerce software”. Regardless of the fact that the licensed versions offer an added level of HTML or PHP code customization, the features, price, and upgrades are limited. Licensed software is usually on the expensive side and usually starts from a price range of $1000 or more.
  • BigCommerce is a hosted shopping cart software that hosts your software on their servers. It can also be known as SaaS at times, where the hosted software providers allow you to build your site by logging into the hosting provider’s store control panel. Moreover, you would find that the version upgrades are more frequent and far easier than that in the licensed software. Price is one of the major plus points of the hosted providers in comparison to the licensed ones, as BigCommerce starts with a price tag that’s as low as $24.95 per month with many of the premium features. The licensed software offers these features only in the high-end versions.

Bonus Features of BigCommerce

Built by the number one SEO expert in the world, Aaron Wall, BigCommerce also includes many DIY SEO tools that you can use it as per your requirement. With the help of these tools, you can ensure that your website gains a higher raking on Google. When used strategically, you not just make a place on the front page of Google, but you can also target the right set of audience and grow your conversions.

All you need to do is to, take out two minutes of your time and apply online by filling out the affiliate application for free, place ads using the beautifully designed marketing stuff, and get paid up to 200% in form of bounties for each referral’s plan cost.

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