Big Boss 11: Fans have mixed feelings about Salman Khan putting Hina Khan and Priyank in a spot

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Salman Khan tackles Hina and Priyank like a pro yet fans have mixed feelings about it.

Today on Weekend Ka Vaar, we sawSalman Khantake up many topics that required attention and tackle them like a pro. While he defended Puneesh Sharma when it came to his alleged classy – massy statement, he questioned him not choosing Akash when he promised that he would. He was most of nagry at Priyank because he body shamed Shilpa and Arshi. Salman repeated what Priyank said verbatim so that Shilpa and Arshi knew what he had said. He didn’t give Priyank a chance to even justify. Anything Priyank said fell on deaf ears. The one person he put in a tight spot was Hina Khan. He questioned why she didn’t go tell Shilpa about Priyank’s comment like she told Sapna about Puneesh’s comment. He slammed her, she got hyper, tried ot justify but he would hear nothing of it. Throughout the episode, Salman Khan made some valid points that put everyone in their place. He tried to tackle Akash even but he just refused to listen. Salman seemed ot be infuriated by his behaviour but didn’t react to it. Tonight, Salman has been praised for his fair and just play but also has been questioned for the things he might have ignored in the past: Check out some of the reactions

So what did you think? Did Salman Khan do right by putting Hina Khan and Piyush in a spot? Do share your comments in the box below.

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