Big Boss 10: Navin Prakash Opens Up About Bani Being the Most Selfish Contestant

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Big Boss 10

Big Boss 10 News: Yesterday’s episode of Big Boss 10 left Manu, Manveer and Monalisa with misty eyes as Navin Prakash got evicted. Navin left the house with a heavy heart and innumerable memories, he delivered his utmost in all the task and played with logic and a lot of planning. Navin seemed to be quite a calm and composed person but eventually came out of his comfort zone which led to few tiffs with the housemates. He was witnessed yelling at Rohan in between a task and left no stone unturned to acquire the immunity for which he competed with Lokesh. Nevertheless, Navin had the maximum amount of cold wars with Bani J. Therefore, he opened up about Bani being the most selfish contestants of the Big Boss 10 house.

In an exclusive interview with The Indian Express, Navin mentioned about Bani’s selfish nature in the Big Boss 10 house by stating “Bani shouldn’t be there inside the house, because throughout 26 days, a lot of her selfishness was seen. She is self-centered. Not once did she ask anyone, be it celebs or commoners, if they want tea or if they had their meals or if they were in stress, I never saw her caring for anybody”.

After going through a hectic and dramatic week the contestants had to face the Weekend Ka Vaar yesterday by Salman Khan where Rohan, Gaurav and Rahul were questioned regarding their lethargic nature on the show. Salman showed them the footage of how boring they present themselves as because of which the viewers are not getting entertained. Salman also took a dig into Karan and asked him why it was difficult for him to understand what Big Boss was instructing him during the immunity task, as Lokesh got nominated by mistake.

Yesterday’s Weekend Ka Vaar was extremely intense and serious and ended with a lot of unanswered questions and now the fans are anxiously waiting to release their curiosity buds by witnessing the happenings of tonite’s episode of Big Boss 10.

The viewers have a lot to look forward to tonite’s episode as a huge fight will trigger among Manu and Monalisa. And Bani and Lopamudra will be once again witnessed arguing with each other.

All the chaos started triggering right from the first week of Big Boss 10 and now the potency level of the show is escalating with every episode. The viewers are quite liking Bani, Lokesh, Manu, Lopamudra, Gaurav and Manveer on the show as they are going in the right direction.

Nevertheless, let’s wait for tonite’s episode of Big Boss 10 to release our curiosity buds.

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