Beyoncé statue replaced amidst controversy

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Madame Tussauds is famous for its wax figures of many celebrities around the world. However, there have been many controversies surrounding the sculptures, which sometimes do not meet the expectations of the fans in terms of likeliness. Pop-star diva Beyoncé’s wax figure at the Midtown Manhattan Madame Tussauds came under the scrutiny and criticism of Beyoncé’s fans when the wax figure was drawn away from display on Thursday but was back on display by Friday afternoon.

Many people noticed the absence. The reason for the absence was that the figure did not resemble Beyoncé and was compared to Taylor Swift, Lindsay Lohan, and Julia Stiles, given the light-shaded wax figure of Beyoncé. The replaced wax statue looked more like Beyoncé but the replacement had come a bit too late.

A picture taken by a fan was posted on the internet and from there it spread wide and around the world. Everyone criticized the wax statue that was on display before with fans asking for a re-do by the museum. Some of them even asked if the sculptors had ever seen Beyoncé before making the wax statue.

The statue was replaced by Friday afternoon on the top floor of the museum and visitors started taking selfies with the statue. The Madame Tussauds New York said in a statement that their team of sculptors make every effort to ensure the correct coloring of the wax statues before they are put on display but, however, due to the lighting within the attraction and flash photography combined with it, colors have a tendency to distort and get misrepresented, something that the sculptors are unable to account for.

However, the museum representatives did not give a reason for the replacement and it is still wondered whether it was due to the controversy and criticism that the statue was receiving on the internet. A staff member simply said that the statue was off the floor until further notice.

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