When you were in a relationship with someone and it ended leaving you feeling empty and hurt, it’s important you address the issue and figure out whether or not you still want to be with that person.

Sometimes you need to take time apart to realize you still have feelings for each other, however, knowing you have feelings and doing nothing about it doesn’t help, you need to do the right things to win your ex back and stay happy.

There are some guides on how you can win your ex back and if you’re wondering how to choose the right one then you can read the review of this get ex back guide to picking the best guide to help you. In the meanwhile, you can also take a quick lesson with these handy tips and work your way back into your ex’s heart.

Understand Your Pain

One of the most common reasons people look to go back to their ex is because they are used to having someone around them. If that’s your reason, you’re better broken up. If the pain you feel is because you need your ex and you miss him or her, then you need to work on getting your ex back.

Most people want to jump back into a failed relationship simply because they don’t see themselves staying alone. When you break up with your partner make sure you spend time with friends and do the things you love. Take time to evaluate whether or not you truly miss the person you were in love with or just their presence. Try thinking about whether replacing that person makes you feel better or not. If it does, your relationship was worth ending, if it doesn’t, work on getting your ex back.

Access What Went Wrong

Once you’ve broken up, the worst thing you can do is go back and beg your ex to take you back. The reason the two of you broke up in the first place is that something wasn’t right and until you figure that out, there’s no point in trying again.

The hints usually lie in the past arguments you had. So take your time to think of all the fights you had and why they started. Make notes of what your ex-had a problem with and try to work on fixing it. Once you know what the problem is, it’s easy to start fixing it.

If it’s something you said or did, make sure you work on your behavior. However, if it’s something more serious such as infidelity then you need to figure out whether your ex is ready to let go of the mistake you made, and if so then counseling is the best way to approach the situation.

Find Out If Your Ex Is Still Interested

One of the major steps towards winning your ex back is to see whether or not your ex is still interested in giving the relationship another shot. If your ex has moved on, there’s no point in pursuing him or her, however, if your ex is still interested in you then make the effort.

It’s important you get information from a friend and not try to get too nosy into your ex’s business or this will put them off. Get close to your ex’s friends to see how they are doing. Ask the friend to drop subtle hints about you still being interested.

Make sure you don’t contact your ex too soon, would still be fresh and this isn’t the best time to try and get back together. It’s always advisable to wait at least a month or so before you try again. No matter why you broke up, it’s important to give your ex-time to heal and this goes for you too. Breakups can make a person depressed and shabby, and that’s not how you want your ex to see you.

Make The First Move

If you broke up, you need to make the first move. Always call first. Instead of randomly showing up at your ex’s home, call up to see when they are available and if they want to meet. Once you decide to meet make an effort to look good for them.

Think about the clothes they loved to see you in, the perfume they like and all the little things that made you fall in love in the first place. Try taking them on a date to the first place you’ll go together too. Build back the memories you’ll first be cherished as a couple and this will help to strengthen the bond. While it’s not easy to accept someone after a breakup, if you love your ex and you’re willing to work on it, it’s important you make the effort.


One of the main reasons for a breakup is usually lack of communication. Couples these days are so busy with their individual lives they seldom get time to sit and discuss the small problems they have with each other. When you ignore the small problems you start to ignore the bigger ones and this eventually boils down to one large fight that’s hard to get over.

When you plan on getting back with your ex-discuss all the little problems you’ll be had and work towards fixing it. Apologize! You don’t become a small person when you do this; in fact, you become the bigger person who cared more about the relationship rather than your ego. Let your ex-know that you value your relationship and you want to give it another chance. Show them you’re a better person and that you are looking forward to a future with them.

Small things matter. Make the effort to go that extra mile in order to make the relationship work. Reading a detailed guide on winning back your ex will surely help you, but you also need to put in the right effort and do the right things so that the relationship becomes strong the second time around.

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