Best Shows on Netflix to Binge Now (October 2021)

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Best Shows on Netflix

Even though streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix have improved the TV show watching environment, discovering newer shows to watch could be difficult. Netflix provides a tonne of binge-worthy TV, but the sheer number of choices could be daunting. It’s easy to binge-watch Friends or Mad Men for the millionth time (or turn on HBO and pretend Game of Thrones isn’t done), but why not try something new? After all, they’re not in short supply on Netflix.


Netflix provides something for everyone to binge-watch, whether it’s coming-of-age shows, must-see prestige TV shows, or carefully curated mini-series. Without further ado, here are the top Netflix TV series to watch now.


Pretty Smart

Emily Osment is back to do what she does best in a new Netflix sitcom set to premiere on October 8th. She plays a recently dumped self-professed brainiac who is forced to live with her equally unintelligent sister and three eccentric roommates (one of whom includes a mostly shirtless Greg Sulkin).

Best Shows on Netflix

My Name Season 2

For this reason, Netflix has a new Korean drama on the way. Enter Han So Hee’s film My Name, which follows Yoon Ji Woo as she seeks vengeance for her mobster father’s brutal death (an event that, we must add, happened on her birthday, which is a big bummer). Stay connected with us for the latest updates from My Name Season 2.


In The Dark

What are you waiting for if you haven’t seen the first two seasons of In the Dark? The show’s protagonist is a pessimistic blind woman who spends most of her time in a drunken stupor. The first two seasons concentrate upon the assassination of one of her closest friends, which leads to her engagement with one of the industry’s most powerful drug cartels.


Virgin River

Virgin River  is ideally constructed to be binge-worthy, with the small-town drama of Gilmore Girls, the clinical enigma of Grey’s Anatomy, and the sexual tension of all your favourite banter-filled rom-coms. Even better, it’s set in a wintry northern California town—and Season 3 just came out, so there’s even more to appreciate, especially if you’re looking for a quick fix.

Best Shows on Netflix

Kim’s Convenience

Are they trying to broaden your knowledge of Asian culture beyond AAPI month? Try Kim’s Convenience, a hilarious and touching sitcom about the Korean-Canadian Kim family owns and operates a comfort shop in Toronto. It’s easy to see why the programme has won so many awards. From Mr and Mrs Kim (stern but well-intentioned parents) to Janet and Jung (their Korean-Canadian children attempting to balance the two cultures), it’s impossible not to root for the genuine, likeable characters.


Schitt’s Creek

This drama depicts the Rose family as they are pushed out of their lifestyles as the affluent and renowned and into a middle-of-nowhere (and named) town full of strange individuals in a touching (and now Emmy-winning) riches-to-rags storey. They strive to reconstruct their previous lives but instead end up creating new ones. Schitt’s Creek made history by winning the Emmys for Best Comedy Series in 2020, and the last season (season 6) was released on Netflix last year. Now is the time to watch this hilarious show if you haven’t already.

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