Best Places to Beat the Heat in Chennai

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Chennai is one of the first metropolitans in India and has been attracting tourists for a long time. Over the past, travellers have flocked to this place due to its immense popularity and of course, the coastline.

Apart from the popular places of attractions and wonderful hotels in Chennai, this Southern city is known for another major aspect, which is the harsh weather. Yes, this can work as a spoiler for people visiting this city during the summers. It is a common notion that this city is believed to be a synonymous name to summer.

However, thanks to the amazing coastline and some popular attractions within the city, Chennai is still one of the most visited places even during summers. The people planning a trip down south need not worry. Just get your Chennai hotel booking done and the summer respite will be sorted.

Don’t believe? Read along to find out more about the best places you can flock to to get a respite from the cruel summer in Chennai.

Best places to beat the heat in Chennai

Elliot’s Beach

If you have a special attraction towards the Marina beach, but anyhow hate it during summers, you can probably add Elliot’s beach to your must-visit list. It is one of the most popular getaway ideas from the busy bustling city.

Also known as the Besant Nagar Beach, Elliot’s coastline is a perfect place to relax and beat the heat during the summer days. It is just 13 kilometres away from Central Chennai and is one of the cleanest beaches that you will find in Tamil Nadu.

Pulicat Lake

The Pulicat Lake is almost like a mini sea in the shadow of Bay of Bengal. During the hot summer days and evenings, visiting this place will leave in a spot of relaxation as the pleasant sea breeze works wonders on the visiting tourists.

Beat the Heat in Chennai

The Pulicat lake is much like a backwater of the Bay of Bengal and offers a memorable experience where there is a small barricade (called Sriharikota) separating the lake from the actual sea. It is just a mere 55 kilometre away from the vicinity of the city and is easily accessible by roads.

VGP Universal Kingdom

The VGP Universal Kingdom is a popular themed-amusement park in Chennai and receives a very high footfall all throughout the year. However, during the summer days, the number of visitors swell up significantly as the water park of the VGP Kingdom is nothing but bliss when the sun comes beating down hard.

Beat the Heat in Chennai

It is one of the most popular water parks in south and the house of a wide number of adventurous rides. In fact, being the latest addition to the addition to the VGP World, the Aqua Kingdom part brings in some amazing and newest rides that you will ever see in a water amusement park.


Game for trekking? Head to the Nagalapuram to give your rising hormones the right balance of adventure and right climate. Escape to Nagalapuram, a small town in Andhra Pradesh, to give yourself a break from the busy city and killing sun.

The reason why Nagalapuram is so much sought-after is its surrounding. Perfected with some green scenic beauty, small waterfalls and little pools here and there, the place is the best answer you can have against summers. Just take a dip in the small pool to give yourself a much-needed relief. It is located just 87 kilometres from the mainland of Chennai and can be easily accesses via touring cars.


Any place, which is slightly higher than the normal city altitude, is always a welcome. Like many other hill stations in and around Chennai, the Yellagiri is a very popular weekend getaway, especially during the summers. It is also famous for various adventure activities like camping, paragliding, and trekking.

It is around 250 kilometres from Chennai but easily accessible via public transport. However, who cares about the distance if you have got the summer to beat. Plus, there are some cheap hotels in Chennai and the outskirts that you can check into while to and fro from this place. Trust me, the cool weather won’t disappoint you at all.

Beating the heat of Chennai summers is now easy

Over the years, keeping the climate factor in mind, the state of Tamil Nadu has brought about various places where you can take a rest in during the hottest days. Apart from just these places, there are many public swimming pools made at various places of Chennai, constructed either by the municipality or private firms. Thanks to these places, travellers and tourists still find confidence in visiting the city even in summers. And as urban as it could get, it is one of the best hosts for visitors with a barrage of attractions and 3 star hotels in Chennai for a comfortable stay.

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