2020 Best New Year Gifts for Wife, Husband, Boyfriend, and Kids

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Best New Year Gifts

2020 Best New Year Gifts: Forget all guilt and sorrows and start the life journey with new happiness and freshness on this new year. Spread the joy by giving some best gift to your lover, friends, and family on this new year. It is not necessary to give costly gifts to express your love and affection. It is enough to justify a valuable approach to how much do you care about your love. Here we shared the best new year gifts for kids, boyfriend, husband, wife, and ten-year-old girl.

The Gift can be anything, which should bring at least a smile and happy moment in the receiver’s mind. Everyone is different, so the Gift will be different too. It also depends on the relationship status and present situation of both. New year gift ideas are going to help you find the most appropriate and beautiful gift for your special one within your budget.

Best New Year Gifts

New Year Gifts for Ten-Year-Old Girls

Before you go shopping, know the girl who’s you are buying for. Is she a sporty outdoor type or a tomboy? Does she love reading, music, arts, and crafts or playing games? Does she have any interest in jewelry, clothes, or skincare?  We listed the best gift ideas that ten-year-old girls will surely like.

School stationery and other items

Obviously, ten-year-old girls spend a lot of their time at school, so gifts that make them look cool at school are often appreciated. A new backpack is a good idea. It may be worth consulting with the ten-year-old to check that you are sure what style and color of the bag she likes. Other ideas for school include pencil cases, folders, and stationary. Funny shaped erasers, nice gel pens for their pencil cases, good writing paper are other possible choices.

Ten-year-old girls also quite often love keeping a diary, so a nice journal is usually a good choice.  Art stuff for drawing and beautiful pencils for doing homework is also another best option.


There are so many good books for ten-year-old girls. Jacqueline Wilson, who’s a book, sleepovers is an excellent idea to present this age of girls. There are also lots of classic books for this age group, including Harry Potter and the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Enid Blyton’s Twins at St Clare’s does use dated language, but ten-year-old girls will still love the stories about friendship, teachers, fitting in and midnight feasts.


Bananagrams is an addictive game that is great for the whole family of all ages. It’s a face-paced word game (much better than scrabble) that ten-year-olds will love and have so much fun they are learning without realizing it.

Brainbox World is a quick fun memory game – another good learning one. You are given a card and have to memorize the facts and then answer questions. Each game is quickly making it a good option for ten-year-old girls to play and learn.

New Year Gifts for Wife

New Year Gifts for Wife

It is tough to find out the good thing to give as a gift to the wife. As the aspect of solving your problem, we suggested the best gift ideas for your wife below. Check the appropriate one and impress your wife on this new year.

It is tough to find out the good thing to give as a gift to the wife. As the aspect of solving your problem, we suggested the best gift ideas for your wife below. Check the appropriate one and impress your wife on this new year.

New Year Gift Jewelry

The first thing that you can consider is jewelry.  You can give her a simple ring, or it may be a ring that’s more beautiful and special than the ring you had when you got married. This is done by choosing the design and type of ring that you like, or your wife would like. Aside from rings, you may also give a necklace or a bracelet.

Release her stress

And aside from jewelry, you can give your wife a chance to relax. This can be done with an excellent package to the spa. A relaxing massage can make your gift all worth it. You may also let go of other deeper body stresses by undergoing more advanced massage techniques. These types of massages usually target the major muscles and stress points. Therefore, this is very appropriate for wives who are exposed to different kinds of stresses.

Kitchen gifts

If your wife enjoys cooking, you may give her things for the kitchen. This can include appliance and kitchenware. This can be very timely to use for cooking food for the holidays. If you want to give new year gifts to your wife, you may arrange for dinner for the two of you. This way, your wife won’t need to cook and only has to worry about what to wear for your special dinner.

Perfume and Makeup

Perfumes and make up can be good gift ideas. You can make sure that you give the ones that your wife likes by simply buying the same things that she uses. Or, you may become more daring and opt to make an effort and find a new scent and a new set of makeup for your wife. You might want to seek advice from sales representatives that know more about makeup than you surely do.

New Year Gifts for Kids

New Year Gifts for Kids

In shopping for new year gifts for kids, you need to consider several things. The most important is the age and gender of the child. In choosing, make sure that the one that you pick out is appropriate and fitting.

Educational toys

Giving out educational toys to both girls and boys is a great idea. You can give rattles, mobiles, puzzles, game boards, etc. This way, they can have genuine fun and learn at the same time. As a child undergoes developments, educational toys can help them with it.


For those kids who are curious and smart, you should give books as a present. They will surely have fun reading and learning about new things. Their imagination will also be developed. Other than books, you can also give them do-it-yourself toys and projects so that they can explore and discover doing different things on their own.


For kids who are not so young anymore, around age 7-12, you can give them cool gadgets like mini laptops. You can also give out fun board games that they can share with their other friends.


Electric scooters for kids are another great choice if they love to enjoy some outdoor activities. You can often find some that are suitable for both kids and teenagers.

New Year Gifts for Wife

New Year Gifts for Boyfriend

Boyfriend Gift shopping is mind-boggling and stressful for most girls. Unlike women, men are not very vocal about their likes and dislikes. They are very subtle in letting you know what exactly they find interesting. Women, however, can pull up all the tricks to make her partner feel that she wants to be given a certain object. With men, you have to be very observant and sensitive about what they would appreciate as gifts for occasions such as their birthday, anniversaries, Christmas, and Valentine’s. If you are one confused girlfriend or wife, here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect boyfriend gifts.

Ditch the coffee mug and tie

Think about buying him coffee, mugs, neckties, and pens! They are not just boring, but they are also very uninspired! They are not special at all, and they give the impression that you don’t know your man that well, so you decided to provide him with something very generic. It also gives the impression that you didn’t devote time and effort to finding the right boyfriend presents. These kinds of gifts for boyfriend reflect poorly upon you. So, if you want your man to feel special and if you want to be appreciated, forget those boring gift items!


Maybe you hate the amount of gaming your boyfriend does because it gets more care and attention than you do! Even if this is the case, giving a gift that gives joy to your boyfriend goes a long way to show how much you care. For many guys, that’s the latest video game he likes or backing him with a little extra cash in his favorite online poker games. Games are some of the best gifts for a boyfriend because most men are really into playing online. This is one of the ways for them to bond with their friends and to show their competitive nature.

Tickets to his favorite sports team’s game

If your boyfriend loves sports, then there’s no other gift better than tickets to his favorite teams’ game. If you can’t get him tickets, you can buy him a subscription to the PPV screening of the event, such as for boxing and UFC matches. You can also subscribe to the NBA league pass, NFL game pass, or MLB TV for him.

New Year Gifts for Husband

New Year Gifts for Husband

Don’t let the chance go away to impress your husband in this new year. Find out the best new year gifts for husband from below.

A wallet

What all men need at any time and place is a beautiful wallet. When they go out shopping, when they go out to get some coffee, a wallet is always in use. The wallet is their form of a purse. It acts as a place to hold their money, hold their change, hold their cards, their identification. It holds everything for them that they would need at any point in time during the day. Also, know as best edc wallet

A nice jacket

It is known that men aren’t avid shoppers. They don’t go out to boutiques in their spare time and go shopping for the next season’s clothes very often, and maybe not at all.   Find a nice military jacket, or a nice peacoat to improve his fashion, but also cover him up during the winter season. Not only that, jackets are extremely easy to find online and is one of the easiest new year gifts for husband.

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