Best Halloween Costume for Kids [Fresh Ideas For 2016]

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Best Halloween Costume for Kids

Halloween Costume for Kids: “Being Crazy” is the ultimate motto of Halloween costume ideas. If you have a kid then preparing him/ her for Halloween party is a tough task, no doubt. Kids are the reflections of carefree life. A few costume ideas for Halloween will be gathered if we search over the web world. But the question is that which one makes your kid looking the class apart from the other kids. Here we have handpicked some of the best Halloween costumes for kids after a month long research on it.

Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Now that, the festive is knocking at the door, and there is not enough time to pick one from thousand now.

Now? How would you manage it?

Keep your worries aside and go through the items listed below, these are really out of the box and are made for Halloween purposes absolutely.

#1 Rubies Deluxe Catwoman Girls Costume

Best Halloween Costume for Kids


It’s our first choice for the kids. Though it suits the girls most, boys also can try it out. Catwoman costume is made of soft mesh material and the lower portion is made of polyester.

It’s stretchable because of the spandex used in knitting the material. PVC is used somewhere to make the fit better.

The mask and the belt come as the accessories with this Halloween costume for kids (especially girls).


#2 The Force Awakens Child’s Rey Costume


This red printed jumpsuit portraying the real force awakens fighter costume attached with apron and belt is taken from the famous saga of Galaxy war movie. Rubie’s costume got the official license to manufacture costumes of the force awakens characters- Captain Phasma, Rey, Kylo Ren, Flametroopers, and Stormtroopers.

You will get everything from the Mascots; rental quality costumes to the masks, wigs, accessories, and shoes.

All the sizes are available starting from small to the large; the small is designed to fit 4 years old kid while the medium and large are for 5-7 and 8-10 years respectively.


#3 Disguise Master Chief Classic Costumes


If you are looking for a Halloween costume for kids which is best at its price, then the disguise master chief costume is the best bet. Every review is good though some of them reported that the size is a little bit big.

The costume is made of mesh material which is soft and easy to wear. The “helmet” part is basically a mask.

Note: Don’t purchase this Halloween costume for the kids under 3 years old. It may choke them.


#4 Morris Costumes Big Boys’ Fade in    


It’s one of the craziest costumes for the kids. Look at the creepy red eyes of the phantom. Sometimes AA battery powered eyes seem really interesting for the kids because they love that effect of the lights.

On the mask, there are two glowing circles for making you real dangerous man!

Pick it up and complete your look!


#5 Deluxe Police Dress Up


This one has been awarded as the “best kids Halloween costume” last year and this year it’s same popular among the kids.

It’s made of imported polyester. The complete set of the costume comes with these things- A shirt, a pant, a hat, a fabulous belt, a whistle and a gun hostler.

The costume looks really wonderful and sometimes it seems real cop’s uniform because of the precision embroidered patches and actual buttons and pockets.

The belt is made of elastic material to make that comfortable enough to fit around the waist.

For the parents: It’s machine washable and flame retardant as well.


#6 Victorian Vampiress Child Costume


Girls! Your best Halloween costume is here. The idea behind making this awesome looking Halloween costume for kids is extremely brilliant. Aesthetic look and festive theme of the Halloween were kept in mind while blending the styles in this dress! For my girl, I picked it personally and as a parent recommend you the same.

The best part of the design is the stand-up collar which makes the whole idea really improved. Just pick up a high heel shoe, and your little girl is ready to rock the party in the Halloween night!


#7 Jurassic World: T-Rex Inflatable Kids Costume


Every child loves the actions of the dinosaurs of the Jurassic Park, and T-Rex is a special attraction doubtlessly. To add some incredible moment this absolutely crazy T-Rex Halloween, the costume of kids comes with some amazing features so that wearer gets comfort and the friends get the real thrill.

The best part of this costume is the detailing of the brown, yellow lines. These are so perfect, and if a kid put it up on him / her at night, people will be scared of it.

Go through the instruction written on the package before wearing it, Check head position when pulling it over and the fan is used to inflate and tighten the wrist, leg, and face. Without any doubt, it’s one of the weird but one of the best Halloween costumes for kids.

This dress fits a kid of 5 to 7 years.


#8 Zombie Girls Halloween Costume


It’s another unmatched Halloween costume for girls. It’s made of polyester and easily fit 8-10 years (medium) old kids and 12-14 years (large).  It includes a 3D guts waist clinch. It makes your kid a real character of a horror movie and she will love it a lot.


#9 Rubie’s 882009M Star Wars Child’s Darth Vader Costume


Darth Vader mask is the main attraction of the costume while the jumpsuit completes the packages. The full costume is made of imported polyester and mask design kills all the other costumes on the stage of the Halloween. There are some special appeals in the design and touch of special touches for the Halloween.


#10 Deadpool Costumes for the kids for Halloween


Deadpool is a pretty famous character among the kids. The costume is very comfortable and stretchable because lycra is used while knitting the cotton material. If your kid wears this fantastic costume, there is no way for the others to beat him/ her in style. What do you think, isn’t it a great Halloween costume for kids?

Back ZIP is used for the fastening material. All the sizes are available, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Note: It’s shipped from China so it may take up to 7 days to reach. So Add it to your cart now!


What are you thinking? Don’t waste time buddy. Add anyone of the Halloweeneen costume for kids into the cart and buy now otherwise these items may go “out of stock” because we have served the hot cakes into your plates.

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