Hotmail is the free email service operated by Microsoft Corporation. It is purchased by Microsoft in 1997. It is a free online e-mail service. That is developed by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia in 1995 that was later acquired by Microsoft in December 1997. The Hotmail customer service is the most popular webmail services because the Hotmail Account had over 100 million users in 2001.

It can be easy to access from anywhere in the word. It has gained its position as the most reliable and trusted email services worldwide In this internet technology each person is familiar with most distinguish virtual communication channel known as the Hotmail.

It also allowed users to read and send e-mail wherever there is Internet access. It is constantly upgraded and still remains one of the leading email service providers. The Hotmail contact is the basic services provided an automatic detection of dangerous e-mails services.


Technical issues can be of different types which any Hotmail users may face. The most common issues are losing account login password and hacked the account and many other



Some of the Hotmail Account Technical Faults that we have faced :


  • Unable to signing in or out to your Hotmail account
  • Getting flashes as if something is unusual with your account?
  • Unable to go on with Two-Step Verification smoothly
  • Facing problems in changing your username or password
  • Recovering or resetting the account password
  • Technical issues while changing your profile photo
  • The problem with sending or receiving the emails
  • Not able to create a backup of your data and files
  • A problem in creating a strong password
  • Having troubles with adding security information to your Hotmail account
  • The problem in getting back into your mail account if it has been hacked or blocked the account.


Fix the account Recover issues With Hotmail support


Hotmail account recovery hacked or blocked account is becoming an important issue. Hackers it’s not difficult to hack an account as it actually happens because of security problems or unknowingly shared the password.

There are many ways due to which account might have got hacked. Like if the security is low on a computer or mobile device or another device on which Hotmail account was logged in. And the computer system is infected or the user might have received spamming mail in that case, there is a high possibility that account is hacked.



Steps to follow for recovering the account:


Steps 1. Go to the login page of Microsoft and enter your email address.

Steps 2.On next screen, select “I forgot my password”.

Steps 3. Click “reset your password”.

Steps 4.Enter email address and captcha are shown in the figure. Click Next.

Steps 5. Enter alternate email address under “contact email address” and then select Steps 6. Fill information of your account and then submit it.

Steps 7.These steps will help in gaining the access to the hacked account.



Contact to Hotmail customer support number:


If you have any problem-related Hotmail support number and unable to recover the password then get in touch with our professionals and experts and contact to Hotmail Support number for any kind of account related problems. Our experts are available in 24/7.

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