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There is always a question in everyone’s head. How long will it take for me to conceive? The answer to this question is highly subjective to this.

One of my friends consulted her infertility in a fertility clinic in Chennai. She successfully delivery a cute little child last year. I visited her last month and her knowledge of pregnancy and delivery was outstanding. Here I summarise the discussion into points.

The chances of conceiving increases every month of trying to conceive. A study by a European health council showed that only 20% of the women conceive in the first two months of pregnancy.

The chances of pregnancy are at 95% by the 2nd year of trying to conceive. Also please note that these statistics studies and are very relative to the sample size. The fertility health of a couple determines how soon they can achieve the pregnancy planning stage.

A couple with high reproductive health is likely to succeed in pregnancy planning than couples with lower reproductive health. Taking up to two years to get pregnant is completely normal for a couple.

Nowadays, couples postpone pregnancy for two years before they plan for pregnancy. This is completely alright but you should also know your fertility healthy before you try to plan.

One of my friend who postponed pregnancy by three years evaluated both partners fertility health at a fertility clinic in Chandigar. Initially, they did a semen analysis to find the sperm health. Once they got to know that there is no problem with the male, they went for a transvaginal ultrasound to evaluate the health of the uterus.

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This showed healthy results and the certain blood tests helped the doctor evaluate their fertility health. They were advised about the time period to which pregnancy can be postponed.

This gave them a clear direction and go-ahead sign for their pregnancy planning. In this duration, they were given time to give more priorities to career and other life goals.

A complete fertility health analysis is very important for couples who have multiple things to plan. Prioritise your life based on all the important things. The same applies to secondary infertility.

Secondary infertility happens with a couple when they are trying for pregnancy the second time – ideally planning for a sibling. This is also very common.

The lapse can be much longer in case of second infertility. This could longer, as long as 5 years. We would have heard from some people that the age difference between the siblings would be more than 5 years.

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