Best Deliquesces 5 Homemade Dinners/meal to Unlock Their Heart

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Best Deliquesces 5 Homemade Dinners/meal to Unlock Their Heart

Every girl knows the truthful saying, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, but not every man knows that the same goes for ladies.  In fact nowadays in the modern world of take-out, fast food, and microwaveable dinners, it has become a novelty for anyone to be able to cook a decent meal, or even make an attempt at one.

Therefore, it’s becoming more and more common that a fun date revolves around thinking up a creative, yet accessible dinner dish that will not only be delicious, but enable both parties to enjoy each other’s company.  Because let’s face it… not all of us will be lucky enough to show our breakfast cooking abilities.

dinner ideas for date night

So here are the top 5 creative food recipes from our friends at Loveawake dating site to unlock that special someone’s heart…

5. Sushi

Whether it is anniversary or a date night, having sushi for dinner on a date has become the latest craze in the last few years. But the trouble is that it’s damn hard to make in addition to the fact that not all people can open up to this type of food.  So first make sure they’re willing to try some Japanese cuisine.

Assuming all signs point to “Yes”, your next move is to pick up some different types of sushi from your favorite sushi bar.  Yes, we know you aren’t actually cooking it but sushi is no simple task…so that’s why you’ll accompany it with another (easier) Japanese dish like chicken teriyaki and white rice.

This way you can get the fun, contemporary splash of sushi which always provides for a interesting talking point, while still showing off your cooking skills.

4. Picnic Food

Whether it’s outdoor in a park or on the floor of your apartment next to candlelight, one of the most sensual and cute ways to eat a meal is picnic style.  This setting provides you the opportunity to make an easy home style food like potato salad, grilled chicken, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw, and some nice bread and butter…all of which take very little time to prepare.  The meal will not only look like you put tons of time and effort into the date, but it will also make that person feel extra special.  This setting will provide you the perfect opportunity to move in for a kiss.

3. Steak, Baked Potatoes, and Veggies

This meal is more likely to be more appreciated by a man because let’s face it, while women can appreciate a nice steak, men are the ones who crave it.  Yes, this meal will be more work than some of the others on the list, but it’s also one that will let your cooking skills shine.

Any chance to prove to that special someone that you can cook a mean dish is a chance to win their hearts too.  So have your date relax and watch with a glass of red wine while you wow them like the Food Network.

2. Homemade Pizza

We’re not going to lie, a good frozen pizza is damn good but it’s definitely no way to impress a date.  So don’t confuse “homemade pizza” with flipping a DiGiorno into the oven.

Some people may not consider Pizza to be seductive, the process of making it can definitely bring that entertaining quality needed to keep your date from flopping.

Pizza provides the perfect opportunity to goof around with the sauce, show off your dough  spinning abilities, and pick and choose the toppings of your choice, thus giving your date thechance to realize just how great of a time they’re having!

1. Pasta!

The one thing you can (almost) never go wrong with is Pasta! As long as you don’t include any possible food allergies, like seafood or nuts, then you’re golden.  Pasta can be a very versatile dish by mixing it with different types spices, meats, cheeses and sauces. It’s idiot proof, delicious, and romantic! So if you currently can’t whip up a decent pasta dish, we suggest you learn quick because there’s truly nothing more simple…well I guess carry out if that counts!

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