Best air fryer foods to lose weight fast and Healthily

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Two Simple Vegan Snacks to Make With an Air Fryer

They say fried chicken is not good for people who want to lose weight. That was true in the past before the invention of air fryer. One of the most difficult things anyone can engage in and do is trying to lose weight. Most of those weight loss diets do not work. The problem, however, can be simply a bad way of cooking instead of the ingredients. Frying chicken in a pressure cooker full of boiling oil is not healthy.

In this article, I will show 5 perfect air fryer foods that you can try out as you work on losing weight without experiencing any repercussions.

1. Air Fryer French Fries

Yes, these air fryer French fries are really healthy and can go a long way in aiding you in your fitness regime. The main reason why the French fries are healthy is because they are not prepared using oil which results in fat like what you find with the regular fries at MacDonald’s.

Instead, the French fries are prepared using no oil or just a single teaspoon which will really cause no harm to you at all. To get started with the fries, all you need are freshly cut and dried potatoes that you can but into your Air Fryer to bring out perfectly delicious potatoes that are crispy on the outside and really soft on the inside to make a perfect serving.

2. Air Fried Tendori Chicken

Who said you cannot enjoy a little bit of your chicken when you are on a weight loss plan? The air fried tendori chicken is the ideal and perfect serving that you can prepare with your air fryer and get to enjoy your meal without having to be worried about gaining a few more extra pounds.

The chicken is prepared the same way as you would only that this time, instead of a regular oil fryer that often leaves your chicken unhealthy, you will fry it with nothing but air to make the perfect and ideal serving for you.

3. Onion Rings

Onions are among the list of the best vegetables you can consume if you want to lose weight. The reason why this is so is because onions have large content of a flavonoid names quercetin that is known to aid in weight loss by preventing the accumulation of fat and increasing metabolism. If you ask most people the best way to prepare onion for it to aid them in weight loss, they will likely come up with things like drinking it as a juice.

Although the alternative methods are effective, I have a better one that is both effective and delicious. You can prepare onion rings using your Air Fryer. The air rings, in addition to having quercetin will be gluten free which makes it impossible for you to gain even a hundredth of a pound from consuming them which is amazing.

4. Chickpeas

This is another delicious dish that can be prepared with an Air Fryer. What I love the most about the chick peas apart from being supportive of your weight loss dreams and goals is that they are gluten and oil free. Apart from that, the air fryer will leave them crunchy and will add that baked flavor to them making them a pleasure to enjoy. They are the ideal sweet, salty and smoky snacks that you can get to enjoy after you are done with your evening run.

5. Air Fryer Baked Apple

One thing about deserts is that they don’t have to be so complicated. You can keep it simple by having and enjoying your deliciously baked fruit with nothing much but just some walnuts, raisins, butter and spices. This is definitely a must enjoy air fryer recipe particularly if you are working to lose weight. To get going all you need are the ingredients I mentioned in the preceding sentence and an air fryer and everything will get going for you.

In conclusion, this is it. If you are working on losing weight, then make it a point to start by getting an air fryer and get to prepare your most favorite among any of the meals mentioned about to have that delicious enjoyment enough to satisfy you.

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