Best 7 Free Streaming Music Apps – Find Best Anroid, iOS, Windows Apps For Music

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Music Apps

Music makes human life better. Best music apps for android, The evolution of music is different through the different phases of human life, as the human evolution took various dimensions. Nowadays, in the fast and upgrading technical world, music lovers are having different opinions and various demands.

Especially after the advent of the internet, people are contented to face the major changes in the music industry. Hence the technology development team provides wide varieties of options for music lovers through several music apps. These music apps can play music and also enable free music downloads. Because of these music streaming Best iOS mobile apps, people can access their favorite movie song or music album, before the telecast on TV.

Day to day, music trends are changing, music lovers want to find something new and interesting music. For such peoples, suggestions and priorities are meeting out by trying the popular online music streaming apps. In this article let’s discuss the topmost Indian music streaming apps. With these apps, one can listen to their favorite song online for free.

These Best free music apps play music for free and also available in paid subscription or premium plans. The interesting fact about these music apps is we can listen to downloaded songs, even in offline. One can enjoy listening to music by free music downloads and also via the premium plans at a very reasonable cost. Even Music is like a liquid – it can bring soothing relief or crushing torment, The songs which changed the world.

7 Top Mobile music streaming apps / Free Music Apps for iPhone

As already discussed, the internet is overflowing with several music apps and music players, all we need is we have to get a good pair of headphones. There are plenty of music’s apps for specified music category and some other music apps are providing almost all genres. It is difficult to choose the best one since every app has a different priority and unique feature. Below given is some top listing Indian music streaming apps and their basic specification

  1. Gaana

Gaana application is the Most famous music streaming app among the others. It provides unlimited and free music play and downloads. It also offers radio and wide set of Indian regional music. It allows their user to make their playlist public which tends other users to view and access the lists. It also offers free music downloads and also paid plans. Depending on one’s mentality, we can make this app as our favorite.

  • Gaana app works with all common operating system includes Android, iOS, Windows, and Web.

  1. Saavn

Saavn is also the largest distributors of the famous Hollywood songs and also other Indian entertainment in most of their regional languages. This also offers to play the music either online or one download their favorite music album and can listen in offline without advertisements. The paid version of Saavn is Saavn pro which provides unlimited access to the playlists and music albums.

  • Saavn music app is available in Android, iOS, Windows, and Web.

  1. Hungama

Hungama provides the user to download the playlist automatically and enables the downloaded songs in offline. This automatic downloading feature is additionally in Hungama in comparison with the above two. One more additional feature is we can like our favorites without adding them in our playlist. It could tend to redeem our points to the movie ticket, vouchers, discount coupons and also rewards. In this app, the subscription version provides daily to yearly plans. Hence so convenient to use this.

  • Like the above two apps Hungama also available in Android, iOS, Windows and Web.

  1. Shazam

Shazam is an amazing free music app. It has several more features when compared to other music apps. The most unique feature in this music app, other than free music download and play music is whenever if we are supposed to listen to any new song in radio or in a movie or anywhere though we don’t know the music album or movie name. At that situation, Shazam listens to an album that is being played, and then it tells us the album/ movie name and artist details. Shazam identified song can be saved as a tag; we can also share the discovered tag with our friends and also view our friend’s discoveries too.

  • Shazam works with Android and iOS and also it is an open source, available at free of cost.

  1. Spotify

Spotify is an awesome music that instantly accesses rights to every music on phones, tablets, and computer. Spotify contains millions of tracks in our fingertips. We can listen to favorite tracks and also provides radio. This app allows the push notifications whenever a new album released for the artist we are following and when a playlist is updated.

  • Spotify works with Android, iOS, Windows and also Web browser.

  1. Google Play music

Google Play music is a most common and default music app in android mobiles. In this app, we can listen to the songs ad-free and avoiding unwanted distractions by an ad and other radio stations. In this app, we are allowed access to upload around 50000 songs to your Google account and we are given access to all the songs with the easy use of this app without any limitations. It also some mode of plating like shuffle, repeat and play all music and also manually choose any specific songs to listen.

  • Google Play music works with Android, iOS, and Web.

  1. Playlist

The Playlist is an iOS app allows access over 40 million songs in the handmade choice of the user playlist. We can create a playlist and share the lists with friends vice versa. We can listen to pre-made playlists by the users. In this app, music is free of cost. We can browse the popular and trending songs and listen to music in life, all we need in uninterrupted Wi-Fi. We can browse other playlist and comment with each other. It provides access to view other users profile and liked their playlists.

  • Playlist works with iOS.


Based on our requirements we can use these music streaming apps to play music and free music downloads. Let’s know about Music Updates on Hope that the information shared above provides the advantages and features for the music app. We can access these apps on the web using their corresponding websites. Like the article? Share it with your pals and give your valuable feedback. Leave a reply

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