Best 5 Wedding Dresses Inspired By Hollywood Movies

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Wedding Dresses

on-screen  almost always supports the princess gown with the full skirt. Did you know that Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor both wore wedding gowns (on screen and off) that measures 8-feet in diameter? So, if you want the princess look, opt for a princess gown with a sweetheart neckline and a very full skirt.

Surely brides are not that influenced, are they?

Whether it is intentional or not, history tells us that brides are influenced by the bridal gown designs produced for Hollywood films. In 1935, the original “:Frankenstein” was aired. In the show, the monster approaches a beautiful bride. She wore a modest white lace gown with long sleeves made of lace. But the eye opener was her veil.

Her veil was fitted to her head like a cap fastened around the back of her head. The veil was very long. As she pressed against the wall, the veil was around her and extended several feet. This extra-long veil became the rage of brides that year.

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Audrey Hepburn Invented Chic

In 1957, Audrey Hepburn wore a beautiful chic wedding dress that changed the idea of what was and was not allowed for a wedding, forever. Her dress was a lovely white, tea-length gown covered in a quiet lace. The neckline was straight across, and the dress had adorable cap sleeves. The veil she wore was tulle, and there was very little embellishment. She was simply charming, and the look took off. This wedding scene became Hollywood history.

Hollywood inspires

As you can see, Hollywood inspires brides. They see the picture perfect weddings on the big screen and dream of being in that wedding. The reality is even better. When you explain to your wedding dress designer what you are trying to accomplish, they can help you create a look that you love, based on the image in your head.

But, they work with your body. They offer you other styles as we did in this posting. These are styles that are close to what Hollywood produced, but they are a bit more modern. They can be customized to enhance your best features.

Where an 8-foot skirt may be breathtaking in a Hollywood scene, few wedding venues have an aisle that is 8-foot wide. It is not about the width of the skirt, but the way the skirt moves with you.

Today’s bride has more options than ever before. You may opt to wear champagne, silver, or pale pink gown. You may opt to wear flowers in your hair or a jewel encrusted tiara. You can be the star of your own show. Use the vintage looks of film to get ideas, but make your wedding your own. This is your day. You are the only star of the show.

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