Best 5 Proven Ways of Relieving Foot Pain

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5 Proven Ways of Relieving Foot Pain:

You may think that foot pain is not so much of a big deal until you get to experience it. Most of the time, the pain is brought about by apparent causes such as fungal infections or soreness due to improper feet care. Depending on the discomfort that you feel and where you feel it on your feet, you will be able to implement the right technique to relieve your pain. Some of these remedies include:

  1. Soaking your foot

To help soothe the strain on your foot, you can apply the hydro massage technique whereby you alternate soaking your aching feet in the cold and hot water.

Switching your feet, let’s say after five minutes, in the different temperature waters enables the blood vessels in your feet to constrict and dilate to enhance blood circulation.

If you want to use hot water only, you could drop measures of peppermint oil, rosemary oil, and eucalyptus oil to your basin of hot water and soak away your pain for ten minutes. This would result in less pain in your feet.

  1. Soothe heel pain

If putting on high heels at work is a style that you cannot live without, you are likely to suffer from foot pain, especially in the morning.

This pain, if unattended to, may lead to inflammation of the tissue that connects the bone of your heel to the base of your toes. To relieve your pain, engage in exercises that will stretch your heel and the arch of your foot. For instance, bend your knee with your heel on the floor as you extend your hand forward to touch a wall that is three feet away. Doing this for at least 30 minutes a day will help you to achieve the best results.

  1. Massage the sore foot

This will help to soothe the aching parts on your feet. You could buy a foot massage roller or roll your feet on something round, like a tennis ball for about ten minutes to ease the stiffness in your muscles and joints.

Another valid option is to use home-made massage oil by mixing three drops of sesame oil and clove oil to rub against your sore feet.

  1. Use shoe inserts

Your sore feet or foot pain may be as a result of you putting on flat shoes quite often. Flat shoes cause flat feet, which later on result in pain caused by certain mild foot conditions.

To relieve your pain, it is recommended that you purchase ultra orthotic insoles to ensure that your feet have the right balance.

  1. Work your feet out

Any exercise that is likely to get rid of cramped toes and feet is worth it, however weird it might seem. You could try scattering a few pencils on the floor and pick them up with your toes.

This exercise alone helps to make the joints on your toes less stiff. As for your feet, you could give them a good shake, the kind that you would do with your hands. You could also try moving your feet in circular motions at your ankles to help flex your muscles.

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