5 Best 138 water Models by Latest Photo-shoots

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10 Best 138 water Models: Wonderful moments that working with 138 Water said Tyga. Working with 138 Water lets me pursue my entrepreneurial side and get involved with a product I believe in, 138 Water reflects the way I live my life and the positive energy I try to spread through my music. Just we updated the wonderfull model picture that sponsored by 138 Water.

Over the past four years, 138 Water Models has advertised on countless ultra-sexy billboards and produced a myriad of photoshoots with top models, social media influencers and public figures. The product is also repeatedly being seen in the hands of celebrities all over Hollywood, with many of the images captured by paparazzi and appearing on the front pages of numerous magazines, newspapers and on the world wide web.

5 Best 138 water Models by Latest Photo-shoots

138 water Models 1


138 water Models 2


138 water Models 3


138 water Models 4


138 water Models 5


138 Water Meaning

138 water models: 138 Water is an Ultra-Premium Alkaline Water. The meaning of “138” is “I Love You”: 1 meaning, 3 words, 8 letters. It is the first fashion water, packaged in 8 different bottle colors: Blue, Black, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Red, and Orange that allow consumers to complement their style or mood with their water. 138 Water is exclusively manufactured and distributed by The Clairvoyance Group, a consumer lifestyle company based in Los Angeles.

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