Being Connected with her Past, Rene says that it’s an Unnecessary Ugliness

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Being an American producer and actress, Rene Kathleen Zellweger almost after six years is back in the glamour world of Hollywood. She will be seen in Bridget Jones’ Baby in the role of Bridget Jones. This is tremendously good news for all her fans. But what is more shocking is the thing that she explained in an interview which was held with the Advocate about her past relationship.

Undoubtedly, everyone has the past. To be more specific, to Rene Zellweger’s her past was a “pretty big thing” to not remember and move on in life. However, this saddened her as she discovered her ex-husband, Kenny Chesney to be a gay. This information brought along storms in her life and therefore she cited him as a fraud, hence ending her marriage in the year 2005. After four months of their marriage that was held in the Virgin Islands of the United States in the month of May, Rene exclaimed that calling him fraud was just out of simple legal language and not at all reflecting his character.

People used the term “gay” beside Kenny as a mode of pejorative which all the more saddened his ex-wife Zellweger. This was making up of stories made Zellweger realise that there must be some “bigger-picture problem”. Zellweger understood one good thing out of this. Sharing too much of personal staffs with any or every stranger, to her, is nothing but devaluing oneself as a true individual. In addition to this, she also said that those ugly rumours of all the people belonging from the glamour world are liked by many. Perhaps they are more attracted to the rumours and not with the work done by them. Indeed, rumours are like magnets; people get attracted more to it.

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