Become an Ebay Power seller by Selling Consumer Returns

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A lot of people want to start their own business but don’t know how. Thanks to the internet, becoming an entrepreneur has become a piece of cake. Any person with an internet connection can easily open a store on eBay and start selling immediately.

You might be wondering: Is it for me? Will I make enough profits? What do I sell? How to I source my goods?

If yes, then please read on because this is just the perfect article for you!

Starting a business by selling returns on eBay is a lucrative business that holds great potential. In fact, you could mint money by becoming a power seller on eBay through your consumer returns business. But first, lets understand how the returns business works.

Over 10% of products sold by large retailers are returned by customers. Very few of these are actually faulty or defective products. A large chunk of customer returns consists of goods that have been returned either the customer doesn’t need them anymore. As a result, these are often brand-new goods with their original packaging and tags.

These returned items cannot be put back on the shelf by retailers and sold as new. As a result, they’re packed into lots or pallets corresponding to their product category and shipped off to the retailer’s warehouse. These categories could be “baby products”, “electronic gadgets”, “mens and women’s apparel” etc. depending on the type of goods.


Now, these lots of returned goods aren’t making any money for the retailer. Moreover, they occupy valuable space in the retailer’s warehouse. This is where wholesale liquidation companies step in.

A wholesale liquidation company will purchase these lots from the retailer at a heavily discounted price and take it off their hands. Now, these companies offer these heavily-discounted lots of brand-new returned goods on their website for customers.

For a seller on eBay, this is an awesome place to source their goods from. By purchasing returned goods from wholesale liquidation companies and selling them on eBay, you stand to make some HUGE profits.

You wanted to know the advantages of becoming a power seller on eBay. Well, we’ll give you 5 reasons why you should do this asap:

  1. The profit margins are AMAZING

Lots and pallets containing customer returns are sold for heavy discounts by wholesale liquidation companies. Therefore, a lot containing products whose market price is $8000 can be bought for as low as $2000 through a wholesale liquidation company.

Now imagine selling these products on your eBay store. Even if you manage to individually sell the products from that lot for a total of $5000, you’ve still made a profit of over 250%. Selling customer returns on eBay, therefore, is a high-profits business

  1. You’re assured a supply of diverse goods

Any lot containing customer returns is likely to have products from several different brands. As a result, you are assured a ready supply of goods which are extremely diverse.

Selling 100 products of the same brand on your eBay store could be difficult. However, imagine having 100 different products made by 15 different brands in your inventory.

All of these products can be sold at different price points. This means that you’ll easily be able to cater to customers with different budgets and still manage to make a sale.

  1. Ordering inventory takes just a few clicks

The biggest problem for sellers is sourcing their inventory. Not for you, though. Ordering lots of customer returns from a wholesale liquidation company is a piece of cake. Since the entire process is online, all you need to do is visit their website, select your lots, and make a payment.

Most of the wholesale liquidation companies provide dedicated customer service which helps you at every stage of the purchase process. Moreover, these companies ship across the United States for a flat-fee which means you can get your delivered straight to your doorstep.


  1. No worries about demand and competition

As an eBay seller dealing in customer returns, you’re offering your products to the entire world. Therefore, you never need to worry much about demand or pricing of your competitors.

Remember that, unlike traditional sellers, you’re getting your goods at a ridiculous discount from wholesale liquidation companies. Therefore, you can easily pass these discounts on to your customers while still making a huge profit.

Similarly, since your audience is global, selling these goods is relatively easy. Most of the goods in the customer returns lots are high-quality branded items which enjoy a heavy demand overseas. As a result, you can sell these goods to the entire world from the comfort of your basement.

  1. All your profits go back to you

Traditional stores need to rent a storefront for selling their goods. Moreover, they need to hire employees in order to deal with customers and to help around the store.

Also, traditional stores only operate for a certain number of hours per day. Thats because you physically need to be present at the store or hire someone that will operate it.

All these hassles are gone when you become a seller of customer returns on eBay. First of all, you’re making a huge profit by selling high-quality customer returns which you bought fora discount. In addition, your store is up and running 24*7 without you needing to constantly monitor it. Its, therefore, so easy for you to run this one-man-operation without needing to spend money on rent, employee salaries and other overheads.

When you sell customer returns on eBay, all the profits come back directly into your own pocket.

Becoming a power seller on eBay

Now that you know how much money you stand to make by selling liquidation items, lets figure out how to begin.

First of all, start by opening up a seller’s page on eBay. This shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes and once your page is set up, you’re ready to start making the big bucks.

Visit the website of a wholesale liquidation brand like Quicklotz or Bulq. Here, you’ll see lots, pallets, and even truckloads of discounted goods classified by category.

Now, you need to decide what kind of products you wish to sell. You can keep your range as wide as possible. However, for starters, we would advise you to stick to a category that you’re familiar with.

Let’s say you chose electronic gadgets.

Now, browse through the catalog of electronic goods on the websites of these wholesale liquidation companies. Most of the time, the item description will give you details about what the lot contains. Let’s assume you find a lot or pallet that contains smart watches, GPS devices, and fitness bands. At the bottom, you’ll see the original price of the goods and the price at which the wholesale liquidation company is selling them. Often, the discount can be as high as 75-80%.

Purchase a lot or pallet of your choice and ask for it to be delivered to your home. Most wholesale trading companies offer fixed-price shipping to anywhere within the United States.

Now that you’ve received your goods, you’re ready to start selling. Here are a few reasons why wholesale liquidation can help you make great profits:

  • A large number of goods in your wholesale liquidation lot come with their original packaging and tags. Now, lets assume your wholesale liquidation lot contains a brand-new smartwatch with its original tags which sells in the market for $150. Even if you sell this watch on your eBay page for $100, you’ve still made an absolute killing. That’s because your selling price is almost 5x the price that you paid for buying this watch as a part of the wholesale liquidation lot.
  • Thanks to wholesale liquidation companies, you’re assured of a steady stream of original and high-quality goods. Every time a new product or model launches in the market, retailers like Walmart or Amazon tend to get rid of the older stock. These brand-new goods end up with wholesale liquidation companies and are yours to buy for a fraction of the cost. As a result, your business will never ever feel a shortage of goods or inventory
  • You’re running a successful online business selling goods without having to deal with multiple suppliers. Thanks to online liquidation companies, purchasing your stock is as easy as online shopping. Therefore, ordering fresh goods is a piece of cake as you get dedicated customer service and swift shipping from these online liquidation firms.

Get, set, go!

As you can see, becoming a power seller on eBay is an excellent and obvious choice for someone wanting to start a business from the comfort of their homes. It’s easy, takes minimal preparation, and you can start making profits almost immediately.

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