Be Aware! What Lunulae On Your Nails Reveals About Your Health

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Be aware Lunulae Nails: The lunula is a crescent-shaped whitish area of the bed of a fingernail or toenail. It is located at the end of the nail, but still, lies under the nail. In case, a lunula is damaged then the whole nail permanently gets damaged.

Have you ever noticed these half moons or lunulae? If not, then it is high time to pay attention. It helps you diagnose some major disease that you might be unaware of. Let us see what different color, shape and size of lunulae reveals.

1.Overly Large Lunulae

It is seen mostly in people who are more into athletes and does more of physical activity. It can also be seen in people who are prone to high-stress level. This indicates problems like low blood pressure, heartbeat disruption, and cardiovascular system.

2.Small Lunulae

This indicates circulatory disorders, poor metabolism, weak immune system, low blood pressure. In case, the lunulae are separated from the rest of the nail with transverse lines then it indicates a possibility of diabetes and problems with blood sugar level.

3.Lunulae Are Not Visible At All

The reason it is not visible on some people’s hand is due to the physiological specificities of the nail structure. It can also be related to thyroid gland and deficiency of vitamin B12 and iron.

When A Lunula On One Finger Changes

  • A Lunula On Little Finger

It is related to work of heart, kidneys, small intestines. If a person has increased lunula then it can be a case of high blood pressure. As a rule, it should be completely absent.

  • The Ring Finger

It is connected with reproductive and lymphatic systems. Even a little visible lunula can be a sign of digestion problems.

  • The Middle Finger

In case, lunula is completely absent then it can be a sign of vascular problems and high blood pressure. It is also connected with the working of the brain.

  • The Index Finger

If the lunula on index finger gets smaller it may be a sign of intestine, pancreas or chronic E.N.T diseases.

  • The Lunula On The Thumb

It is connected with the working of the lungs and spleen. It is smaller in the case of smokers. It should not be more than 25 percent. In case, it is bigger you may have the problem of arterial hypertension.

Change In Lunulae Color

  • Grey lunulae

    If the color of lunulae is grey then it can be due to fatigue or some digestion problems.

  • White Lunulae

    It is good if a person has white lunulae. They are natural.

  • Purple Lunulae

    It is a sign of lack of oxygen and poor blood circulation. It also causes headaches and dizziness.

  • Black Lunulae

    It is really dangerous as it is a sign of heavy metal poisoning.

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