BBC Confirms Taboo Season 2 is No More Taboo

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Taboo Season 2

Taboo, the British television drama series, has just been confirmed for a second season. The period drama, a brainchild of Tom Hardy, his father Edward Hardy, and Steven Knight (who, incidentally, also created Peaky Blinders) will return for a second run. Like the first season, Taboo Season 2 too will have eight episodes. the series co-stars veterans likeOona Chaplin, Jonathan Pryce and Mark Gatiss. It airs and is expected to return to British shores on BBC One and on FX on the other side of the ocean.

The period drama, set in 1814, stars Hardy as James Delaney, who is an adventurer who returns home to London from Africa to avenge his father’s death. Once there, however, he must unravel and solve a darktruth in his family involving a conspiracy. There were initial grouses from historians that the infamous East India Company, against whom Taboo protagonist dislikes intensely, would be portrayed in a negative or unfair light. Once the show started on January 7 this year, there have been no such complaints, however. The show has received critical and commercial success, leading to its confirmation.

Ridley Scott, the beloved and much-acclaimed filmmaker, will return once again as the show’s executive producer. In a statement to the press, Hardy-who also serves as one of the show’s co-producers-stated that he was very satisfied that the show had been confirmed. Knight, who will continue with his scripting duties, has also stated that he is excited about Taboo Season 2 and that he expects that the new season will be as popular as the first one.

The confirmation means that we will get more of “the mesmerizing Tom Hardy” and the drama’s immersive storytelling, which, combined with its Gothic delights, ensures that the drama stays true to its origins in 19-th century England. Get ready to binge-watch for another season, all you fans!

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