Barkha Dutt Slurs Up With Abuses

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Barkha Dutt Slurs Up With Abuses

On a sluggish evening of May 18, one of the country’s renowned TV journalists and Editor of a leading news agency abused on social blogging site Twitter. Well, if you wonder then it’s none other than Barkha Dutt. The media personnel lost her temper whilst abusing “R**DI TV KI R**D ANCHOR KA NO.”

It seems as the anchor got into a midst of dispute when an unknown person named Ajay Rai announced her contact no. in a foul manner. The person abused Dutt in a public platform. That was not all, another group of individuals named Vijay Kr. Pandey, and Prashant Kr. Yadav supported the statement.

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The renowned anchor of NDTV got so annoyed that she repeated the same through her account which was accepted widely in a negative way. She even took to troll saying that they publicised her personal contact details as well as wroth full of slang. One of the most eye-opening incidents and that too shameful came in limelight when she shared her views on the comments. The total base of the story comes as a series of incidents between Barkha Dutt and activists Kavita Krishnan’s mother. The dispute started on petty issues scattering into as larger platform. The activists mother even made a “confirmation” on whether Dutt had “free sex” or not.

Working on a public platform gives you the liberty of freedom of speech but freedom to such extent might give leverage to many of us while speaking on a full proforma. We as media representatives ought to choose between a war of words or war of slurred up tone.

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