Barack Obama Answers to Syria,Veterans’ Issues in CNN Town Hall

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Barack Obama

This Wednesdaynight at a CNN Town Hall, Jake Tapper hosted an event ‘America’s Military and Commander in Chief’, that was conducted at Virginia’s Fort Lee military base. Even though the election is just a few weeks away, the event concentrated mostly on the serious issues of Syria Veterans, Syria and the role of women in combat. Obama was questioned by the military members, veterans and their families who wanted the President to talk about his decisions in regards to the improvements in the military. Barack Obama replied to this by saying that he has given the right amount of attention that is needed for the issue. Obama was also asked about the conditions of Veterans issues, where the widow of a veteran who, died of cancer due to the lack of colonoscopy treatment wished to know whether there would be any changes in the coming years. Barack Obama tried his best to come up with the apt reply by stating that the improvements would be slow but would be apparent soon.

Apart from that, a widow of a soldierwho had committedsuicide due to suffering from STD enquired about if there were better provisions for the veterans to get help. Barak Obama replied that he has made the necessary changes in regards to the funding for proper health service of those soldiers who would even think about committing suicide. He mentioned that he is ready to do whatever is necessary by putting as much fund is required for the right cause.

The event was splendid as it focused on all the important issues that required that right amount of attention. With the election coming close Barack Obam did not feel a tab bit uncomfortable with the array of questions that were focused on. At the end of the event, Obamawas asked if he would consider having his daughters Malia and Sasha serve the military. He responded that he would encourage them to do so. In conclusion, the event was a success and Obama proved the fact that even though the US presidential election is near he is still a competent commander in chief of the state.

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