Bank Holiday Revellers Hit The Streets

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Bank Holiday

Bank Holiday revellers hit the bars of Newcastle over the weekend resulting in scenes of drunken debauchery.

But amid the chaos of brawling men and amorous couples was the more unusual sight of women stopping to pose for selfies with armed police officers.

There was a heightened police presence in the city centre over the weekend following the Manchester terror attack.

Officers mingled with the drinkers as they patrolled the streets holding machine guns with many young revellers stopping to speak to them and ask for selfies.

Meanwhile drunken women bared their backsides in full view and police were forced to intervene as men brawled in the streets.

One man was supported by officers as blood poured from a wound on his head while some clearly exhausted girls lay or sat on the street with their friends.

An onlooker said: ‘There is usually a police presence in the Bigg Market on bank holiday weekends, but I have never seen armed officers before.

‘People treated the armed officers as a novelty, stopping to speak to them.

‘The police seemed happy to oblige when they were asked for pictures.’

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