With demands to stop the operation of the app based Taxis the union of the auto and taxi drivers in Delhi call for a strike on Monday. Questions have been raised regarding the ignorance of the Delhi government towards the demands and needs of the drivers’ union.

The Union Head, Ranjendra Soni said that on Monday no government taxis will be available on the roads. The main demand behind the strike is not only to fight the increasing number of app based taxis but also to allow and grant the permission for the new taxis. According to them the app based taxis are illegal and are taking away their livelihood.

The question on the part of the customers however arises that where and to whom will the passengers go to, if refused by a government taxi driver? Despite the fact that the refusal to any passenger is illegal, they dare to refuse and thus people are turning towards the private cabs which are easily available and any time.


According to the head of the union, “On one hand, government talks about strengthening public transport, but on the other hand it has not issued 10,000 new permits of autos so far. Besides, we have also been demanding to stop app-based taxis as their operation is illegal. They are snatching our livelihood.”  

They said that when they met the Delhi transport minister Gopal Rai on 14th of March, he assured to look into the matter, but with no visible result the union decided to go on strike.There are around 13,000 black-yellow taxis and around 81,000 autorickshaws plying on the streets of the capital. If they go on strike, commuters may face hardships while using public transport as the fortnight-long odd-even scheme is already in place in the capital.

With all these mess it is really a matter of concern for the government to find out that what will be the condition of the commuters on Monday in this summer.

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