Attack on Titan Season 2: Game Producer Talks Adapting The Anime

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Titan Season 2

The ‘Attack on Titans’ anime released back in 2013 had gripped the audience with such intensity that when it ended people immediately rallied for a second season. But the release date of season 2 is a bit of a mystery still.

When the game first came out, they had to spend days to study if the anime based video game will be successful. Talking of the Attack on Titan Season 2, in a recent interview, producer Hisashi Koinuma said he supported the anime based video without the intention of straying away from its anime/manga version. The original story will not necessarily feature in the second season. During the first season, there are side stories like what is happening outside the wall while Erin and Mikasa are struggling in the city. So maybe they’ll explore that.

“When we create an anime-based video game we, of course, think it through if it will be a fun game or not,” Hisashi Koinuma said. “And once it kicks off then we implement the plan, and in that sense, it’s not terribly complicated [to adapt an anime]. But like many famous IPs, they have many many avid fans and things can get very sensitive and we are very conscious about that, so, in essence, it’s very difficult.”

Before Koei Tecmo’s Attack on Titan, there has been several video game adaptation of the story. But Koei had come up with a killer story, sprinkling some exciting features and “flavour” that weren’t tried before. There’s the aerial combat, which is something entirely new. And after the Mikasa mission, there is a Titan fight where you play as the Titan playing against other Titans.  “So in that fight, you’ll end up destroying part of the town, and it involves a lot of the physics and auto-regeneration,” Koinuma said.

With the Mikasa mission, Koinuma is referring to a pivotal part of the Attack on Titan’s storyline. In this particular mission, players take control of Mikasa as she rallies the others to fight back the Titans after Eren is seemingly killed. Not just this but there are plenty of scenes and mission cuts straight from the anime that allows control of particular characters by the player. And each character will, of course, have their set of special skills and fighting style.

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Furthermore, as players progress through Attack on Titan season 2, players will also be able to upgrade their gear to better combat tougher Titans. To elaborate, the upgrades will include player’s blades and gas canisters and then the cable systems. “And it is essential to strengthen yourself against the tougher Titans where levelling your character is not enough. That’s why upgrading your gear is essential,” Koinuma said. The Gear Enhancements will use these materials to make improvements to the Omni-Directional Mobility Gear, which will allow Gears to attach onto Titans from a greater distance and at faster speeds and improved anchors.

Meanwhile, Gamestop thinks the Attack on Titan will come in multiplayer mode. Up to 4 players will be able to paly simultaneously. To join the scrimmage, the primary player will be able to scout for three players using the Scout Mode. Stay tuned for more updates on ‘Attack on Titan’ Season 2.

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