Arun Jaitely: Manufacture Not Agriculture Boost Indian Economy

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Arun Jaitely

When the country is facing famine in most part of its regions agriculture is at its all low. Agriculture contributes about 15% in GDP and the consumption is lot more than the equation. At such extreme low conditions Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitely reacted in a press conference stating that Manufacture will help to boost the economy of India as agriculture is in a very bad state.

Previously manufacturing sector was not considered as main contributor in growth of the country. But now worsening condition of agriculture sector has become worrisome. It tends to share 9 to 10% growth in economy and has been growing rapidly from last few years.

Arun Jaitely

Mentioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign of “Make In India” he retaliated that it would definitely help the manufacturing sector in every possible way. Further he said, today’s youth belonging to agriculture is getting diverted towards other sectors specifically manufacturing as it generates more value for money. So, if we emphasize on manufacturing sector rather than agriculture then it will certainly help in boost of Indian economy. The next few decades is very crucial for “Make In India” projects as it will help in thousands of employment.

That’s why the concentration and every policy initiative we have been taking in this regard has been in the direction of strengthening the economy, and more particularly, on impacting on our manufacturing sector itself,” he said in his 40-minute speech.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) gave a green signal to it in Washington few days back where Mr. Jaitely attended the meeting referring it as “bright spot”.

As per the current situation of agriculture in India is still a very big concern and will stay until any appropriate solutions is subjugated. Well if it is seen then the country is likely to rise and shine under single manufacturing sector through “Make In India” initiatives. Although agriculture is definitely worrisome department as per current situation.

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