Arrow Season 6 Confirmed: Oliver’s Flashback at its Last Leg?

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Arrow Season 6:The CW confirmed that Arrow is returning for a season 6. In the previous seasons, the episodes had flashbacks of the five years when Green Arrow/Oliver Queen was missing, stranded on an island after being stranded. With the show heading into its sixth season, we wonder if the flashbacks would finally be put to rest, and we’d get to see Oliver’s entire transformation.

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Speaking of the upcoming season and its format of storytelling,Executive producer Marc Guggenheim said:

Next year, in Season 6, what we’ll end up doing is we’ll do some episodes without any sort of flashbacks. We’ve [also] established over the first four seasons of proof of concept that we can do flashback stories that don’t involve what I call the island narrative, even when he’s not on the island.

Does this mean Arrow season 6 will be completely devoid of flashbacks? Not really. It’s possible that season 6 could incorporatea different format for the pushing the story forward. Guggenheim believes they really have a chance of exploring the story in real-time rather than in flashbacks the upcoming season. But the flashbacks are going to remain. They are going to be a different sort of flashbacks.

We still want to make that part of our storytelling, because we do like them. We like when those non-island flashbacks sort of illuminate what’s going on in the present day. That’ll always be a part of the show and a part of the show’s storytelling structure. It just won’t be telling a serialized story.

It’ll be refreshing to have more time spent in the present day, something that the show has been dabbing its fingers into in Arrow season 5. By the looks, this new narration has worked well for the show. Although the show, tells a fantastic story of great characters, the flashbacks had been limiting the full potential of the narration. With Arrow season 6, the team of writers behind the show will have a chance to “open the show up next year”.

Presently Arrow Season 5 in its mid-season hiatus, and it’ll be returning on Wednesday, January 25, 2017.

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