Arrow Season 5 episode 6,spoilers and Other Details: Felicity Reveals the Truth?

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 6

One of the most watched action television series Arrow is currently running on its fifth season. The fans of the show can’t get enough of the billionaire playboy Oliver Queen who fight crime and corruption weapon of choice is a bow and arrow. Recently, with the premiere of the season 5 on October 5, 2016, the fans just keep getting the dose of action and drama in equal proportion. In this article, we talk about the Episode 6 of Arrow season 5 which will be premiering on 9th November. Some of these spoilers are too hot to handle, so readers read with Caution.

Intriguing title for Episode 6. What does it mean?

This episode of Arrow Season 5 is going to be quite interesting as the short but meaningful title of the episode gives away a lot to the audience. The producers decided to attach the title: “So It Begins” to this episode, which refers to some of the scenarios that are going to begin in this season. In this episode, we will see Prometheus who is in search for the Green Arrow has turned it up a notch with regards to his insane killing spree, this is going to make Oliver track down and try to solve the connections between Prometheus’ past victims to close in on him. We even find out in this episode that Felicity and Curtis will find out more information on the victims’ link, which turns out to be connected to Oliver’s past, and this might involve secrets that will cause a lot of issues for the team. The much awaited heart to heart conversation between Thea and Lance, and it would be quite interesting to find out about their conversation.

Will Felicity Reveal the Truth?

One of the most talked about segments in this episode 6 of Arrow season 5 would be Felicity revelation of the truth about her work. The episode has been written by Wendy Mericle and Brian Ford Sullivan and directed by Jon Behring. In this episode, Felicity is going to contemplate as to whether she will tell Malone played by Tyler Ritter the real truth regarding her work.

The episode is going to air on 9th June, and with these interesting spoilers, we are sure that the fans are going to see a new beginning in the life of Oliver and the other characters in Episode 6 of Arrow Season 5.

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