Arrow Season 5 Episode 10 will Portray Talia al Ghul’s Return

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 10

Arrow Season 5 Episode 10:The previous episode of Arrow season 5 left the viewers jaw-dropped when they got to witness that Laurel Lance who was supposedly dead in season 4 is actually alive. And since then the viewers have been anxiously waiting to get an insight into the happenings of Arrow Season 5 Episode 10.

Arrow Season 5 Episode 10 hits the television screens on February 7, 2017

Nevertheless, speculations started pouring in after the depiction of Laurel Lance in Arrow Season 5, and it has also been said thatMarc Guggenheim has mentioned about Laurel not being the same old character, as Earth 1 Laurel is actually dead. Instead, the Laurel that we saw is an evil double from Earth 2, as reported by News Everyday. On the other hand, Reporter Times pointed out that Laurel might not be witnessed in Arrow Season 5 Episode 10.

The report further confirmed the return of Talia al Ghul in the approaching episode of Arrow Season 5, butthe question which remains unanswered is whether Talia is a part of the episode or just a flashback? And another speculation which is doing the rounds right now is that Talia has all the possibilities of being the same girl under whom Prometheus and Oliver got themselves trained.

With such revelations, it seems that the approaching episode of Arrow season 5 titled as “Who are You?” has a lot in store for the viewers and will surely keep up with the intensity level as usual.

Arrow Season 5 which kick-started on October 5 has been creating immense buzz among the fans as it escalates the potency level of its plot line with the delivery of every episode. And the most intriguing episode of the ongoing season was “Invasion”as it depicted how Oliver finds himself in a life where gets to witness his parents are alive and he is on the verge of getting married to Laurel.

Nevertheless, the upcoming episode of Arrow Season 5 will get broadcasted on The CW on February 7, 2017.

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