Apple’s MacBook prices in the UK surge in the wake of BREXIT

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Apple’s MacBook

Apple‘s MacBook Pro launch event was held at the Cupertino-based company’s headquarters yesterday. But while the expectations of Mac loyalists were soaring, the advent of the new updated MacBooks of this year seem to have been far from satisfactory. That is not to say that the newest MacBook Pro 2016 is anything less than a wonderful device, but as many point out, the new range of computers does not incorporate a wide range of new upgrades compared to the previous generation devices. Another talking point about the newly released MacBook Pro 2016 computers is their high price point. We have already reported on the reactions that have erupted on social media which address this issue. But the worst hit in the matter has been suffered by the UK due to the reducing value of the GBP.

MacBook Pro 2016
The new MacBook Pro 2016 sporting a Touch Panel at the top of its keyboard

A report on The Verge analyses the difficult pricing issues of the newly released MacBook Pros in Britain, adding that the pricing problem is not only limited to the MacBooks that have surfaced yesterday. The significant hike in prices will also find its reflection across all Apple products across the country, including the Mac mini, Mac Pro, and iMac. Interestingly, an increase in prices at similar levels is not seen in other countries, though the general pricing of MacBooks has been increased considerably.

As for the new MacBook Pro 2016, the prices in the US are $1,499 for the 13-inch model without a Touch Bar, $1,799 for the one that comes with it, and $2,399 for the 15-inch top variant. Strangely, the UK prices bear the same digits for the most part. To compare, the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2016 without a Touch Bar will cost £1,449, whereas the one that comes equipped with the feature will set people back by £1,749. The 15-inch model will come at a price of £2,349.

According to reports, the reason for the unprecedented increase in Apple’s prices in the UK has indirectly been caused by the country’s decision to leave the European Union, something that has raised Apple’s prices in Britain by 20 percent. Notably, Microsoft recently announced that their prices in the UK will be increased by a similar percentage.

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