Apple’s iPhone 8 Will Come Out With a Curved OLED Display

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Apple’s iPhone 8

The number of rumours surrounding the Apple‘s next flagship device, the iPhone 8 are at large with a huge number of people wildly speculating about the features of the upcoming premium device by Apple. Earlier in September this year, Apple launched the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which are already on the top of the list of premium devices released in the market today. 2017 will mark the 10 year anniversary of Apple’s flagship line of iPhones with the first of the devices being launched way back in 2007 and it is no secret that this special anniversary version of the iPhone will pack in quite a number of surprises for the people lying in wait for it.

Apple’s iPhone 8 is slated to sport a curved OLED display and replace LCD displays from the previous iPhones.
Apple’s iPhone 8

Among every significant or insignificant news in the rumour mill, one fact that has been more or less confirmed is that Apple’s upper-tier iPhone 8 model will feature a curved OLED panel along with an edge to edge display.OLED panels, while more expensive to manufacture, also deliver richer and more vibrant colours. What’s more, OLED panels are known to be more energy efficient than the LCD displays Apple currently uses across its iPhone lineup including the latest premium variant, the iPhone 7 Plus.

According to an excerpt in the Wall Street journal earlier this month, Apple is already asking some of its component suppliers to increase production capacity for OLED panels. Of particular interest is that Apple is reportedly exploring the pros and cons of 10 different iPhone 8 prototypes ahead of next year’s launch. Another striking piece of news regarding the iPhone 8 is definitely regarding rumours of the device sporting wireless charging. According to Pocket Lint, Apple is currently working with Energous Corporation on a truly wireless charging system that can charge an iPhone 8from a distance up to 15ft, with a transmitter plugged into a wall socket and a receiver embedded in the iPhone.

Based on Apple’s pattern of releasing the iPhones, the iPhone 8 and its variants is definitely looking at a 2017 Q4 launch by the Cupertino-based company but we will have to wait for further reports to know for sure.

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