Apple To Cancel iPhone SE’s Annual Upgrade

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Apple has decided to cancel the annual upgrade of iPhone SE which is the most successful iPhone in 2016. But why? Do you have any clue? Apple is doing all of these for profit margin, not for market share. It has been the main marketing strategy of the Apple.

Let’s make it clear for you. If you are given the option to choose an iPhone between iPhone SE and iPhone 7, you will go for the last one for sure, but when you need to carry an iPhone within your budget then you will incline towards the iPhone SE and there is no doubt about it.

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This is the point where Apple focused. If everyone with a medium budget starts inclining towards iPhone SE, it will hurt the core marketing formula of the iPhone 7. Apple is trying to focus on iPhone 7 now, and that’s why it does not want its any product to be in the competition with the newly launched iPhone 7.

Before few weeks iPhone 7 launched with massive expectations and with all new unbelievable features. For the first time, Apple introduced protective glass layer of Corning Gorilla Glass. After seeing the features and specs of iPhone 7, many analysts say that Apple had reinvented the iPhone.

But the price kills everything. Before the release of iPhone Apple slashed the price of the iPhone 6 and 6S to showcase theiPhone 7 as the latest and premium one. But something was cutting the edge of it from another side, and that is iPhone SE.

After analysing the last income report, Apple decided to pull the trigger on iPhone SE because this device was doing great in the sub $350 Range and for this device, many potential customers dropped iPhone 7! Of course, the budget was the main constraint for getting an iPhone 7.

Probably to save iPhone 7 from this Atlantic destruction, Apple decided to stop the annual upgrade of iPhone SE.

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