Apple takes the lead , as Firm reveals World Top 5 Phones

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Quite a number of phones have been pushed to the marketsincethe first quarter of 2017 till date ,but only a few of them made a lasting impression saysresearch firm Strategy Analytics in its latestlists ofworld’s top five smartphones during the quarter in view .

The latest press release available on the firm website revealedApple as of todayaccounts for two of the world’s top five smartphone models , while thethird place is firmly held by one of Oppo’s Smartphone . Samsung mobile , despite the galaxy Note 7 debacle still managed to get hold of the 4th and 5thposition in the top five during Q1 2017.

To set the record straight , the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which are expected to be replaced by the iphone 8 soon are both at the top echelon having shipped a total of shipped 21.5 million units and 17.4 million unitsrepresenting6 percent and 5 percent marketshare worldwide in Q1 2017 .

OPPO , despite not having a strong presence in the West beat Samsung to find itself a seat in third place with its R9s, whose total shipment and market share amounts to8.9 million units and 3-percentrespectively .

Lastly , Samsung mobile whose latest flagship- the galaxy S8 was only recently launched and having suffered so much embarrassment with the Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion managed to snatched the 4th and 5th position all thanks to itsGalaxy J3 and galaxy J5 . The Samsung galaxy J3 shipped a total of 6.1 million units representing 2 percent Market shares , while the J5 total shipment added up to5.0 million units with just 1 percent.

The report further hinted that total smartphones shipment amounted to a whooping353.3 million units in Q1 2017, a figure which infer that1 in every 6 smartphones shipped worldwide during the quarter was oneeither one of iphone 7 , iphone 7 plus , oppo R9s , the J3 and J5 .

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