Apple Published Patent Application For Vaporiser Technology

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Cupertino-based tech firm Apple has been in the headlines a substantial number of times owing to the huge number of developments the company has made in the field of technology. Apple, popularly known for the ‘i-range’ of premium consumer electronics devices is looking to explore more avenues with their latest advancements and it seems the company is going totally out of the box this time. The US Patent and Trademark Office this week published a patent application by Apple that details a surprisingly peculiar vaporiser technology. The document, filed last year, outlines plans for an apparatus that can regulate temperature to release heat from a substance within a canister. It’s also able to keep air out of the chamber of the substance be vaporised.

Apple’s new patent application for vaporiser technology has been the topic if discussions with people expecting an iVape from the tech giants.

Although the patent application published does not point to any specific use of a substance in particular or whether it’s a standalone product intended for recreational use at all. Nevertheless, this particular snippet of information has been enough to make people expect a possible iVape from the tech giants. Vaporisers in the modern day are mostly used for the intake of Marijuana and nicotine and have been used by many for recreational uses. California voted to legalise recreational weed in November 2016 and considering the fact that Apple is headquartered in Cupertino, California does point towards a possible ‘yay’ for recreational users as well. Although the legal issues surrounding Marijuana have been substantial, many countries in the United States have made the plant conditionally legal, leading to smoking equipment sales on a rise. Irrespective of the illegality of Marijuana in most of the countries around the globe, smoking equipment has quite readily been available across retail stores as well as online e-commerce enthusiasts.

Further speculations, however, negate the idea of an iVape or iWeed as most people are typing stating that the new patent might well be a part of some kind of car technology Apple might be working on. Although none of this is even close to concrete now, it might be a possibility that Apple uses the vaporiser patent to develop an Apple smellorater for high-end luxury cars.  The vaporiser joins Apple’s patented inventions including a foldable phone and a wraparound iPhone screen, neither of which we’ve seen in product form as of yet.

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