Apple Opens Up Unencrypted Heart of iOS 10 Code

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iOS 10

For the time, Apple is letting developers peek into the very core of its mobile operating system. At the WWDC, the companylaunchedtheir all new mobile operating system – iOS 10. And the first beta version was made available to developers. The kernel of the OSthe central component that controls how a device’s hardware processes software – was unencrypted.

iOS 10

The right side of the revelation is that it’ll allow developers to find flaws that can be exploited by hackers. Experts believe that this will help organisations overcome privacy measures in iPhones and iPads. In a recent extensively covered case, FBI had asked Apple to share secret techniques so that they can crack the iPhone used by a terrorist who had killed several people inSan Bernardino, California. But Apple had refused. The FBI did end up breaking the system at the end but haddeclined to share details of a flaw in past versions of iOS

“In general, transparency is good for security,” commented Dr Steven Murdoch from University College London.“Well-resourced attackers like government intelligence agencies have always been able to find vulnerabilities.And while Apple’s move will make that job easier, it will also make it easier for less well-resourced security researchers to find the weaknesses and get them fixed.”

But it’s worth noting that Apple doesn’t run any program where scientists will get paid for finding the bug in their system. One researcher believes that its high-time Apple should introduce such programmer.

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“If Apple has deliberately opened up its code, then it needs to make sure it is very thoroughly reviewed by the community and the firm must then be very responsive in fixing stuff that is found,” said Ken Munro from Pen Test Partners.“A bug bounty would get everyone interested, meaning the security community would be working for Apple for a comparatively low cost.”

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