Apple iPhone X Display And Speaker Issues Reported Online

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The Apple iPhone X has been one of the most successful iPhones of the recent past. Ever since its launch, the iPhone hX has received great reviews and the transition from Touch ID to Face ID has been organic for a lot of consumers. However, with every new phone, there are complaints of something weird happening to it in some units. The iPhone X seems to be no different as issues of an inextinguishable green line appearing on some people’s phones have surfaced online.

The images above are from Twitter users mix0mat0sis, Nate Heagy and Christian Roman, and represent a few of the examples of the “green line of death” as one of them called it. No one seems to know what causes it or how prevalent it actually is.

The iPhone X has a new diamond sub-pixel pattern in its display, and all green sub-pixels appear in lines, while red and blue alternate. It appears that an electrical fault in a these phones is causing the voltage to flow to all the green sub-pixels in a line. The fact that it stretches from top to bottom of the display suggests it is something at the edge of the display that’s sending an incorrect voltage down a few lines of pixels.

There appears to issues with the speaker of some of the iPhoneXs as well.  Some users on Reddit, MacRumors and Twitter have reported that their new iPhoneX’s top speaker is crackling at higher volume levels. There in no constancy in its severity but, it happens regardless of what you’re playing and appears to persist with replacement units as well.

Both of these issues have been reported in enough iPhone Xs to not be called as ‘isolated incidents’ and Apple should be fixing these issues especially considering the price the consumers have paid for the new iPhone X.


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