Apple iPhone to Feature Dual SIM As Per Latest Filed Patents

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Apple iPhone

Dual-SIM smartphones are not a matter of surprise for the tech enthusiasts across the world who are acquainted with the smartphones running on Android and the Windows operating systems. But for a user of Apple iPhone, it is still a myth. But if we go by the latest reports it might not remain as such for there are new patents being filed which might bring in this feature to the Apple smartphones as well.

The patent details received by Apple for incorporating dual-SIM technology as revealed by the Forbes [Image Source]

Over the years the smartphones that are produced by Apple have failed to provide the users with the luxury of using a couple of SIM cards in one smartphone which is an in-thing at the moment particularly in countries like India and China. But things are about to change if we go the report in The Forbes which suggest that Apple is looking forward to manufacturing special editions of their smartphones which have the dual-SIM feature in it.

Apple iPhone

The latest patent that has been filed with the State Intellectual property Office of China reveal that design has been submitted in the month of March way back in 2016 which received authorization in the September following that year. The design was submitted by Li Su whose social media profile reveals her to be leading architect for the software related to mobile devices in the house of Apple.

Yet another patent has been awarded to Apple by United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) which also reveals that the Apple iPhones will be featuring the dual-SIM technology. The patents revealed that the users of the upcoming devices from Apple which would have the dual-SIM feature would be able to prioritise one SIM card ahead of the other. The whole process has been stated clearly in that patent that has been submitted to Apple by USPTO. And it bears the name of Li Su alongside a couple of other engineers – Ming Hu and Guojie Dong who work in the cellular software department of the Cupertino-based brand. The note with the US patent has revealed, “Some mobile devices have the capability of using multiple SIMs allowing users to maintain different wireless services, such as for business and personal use.”

Few had suggested that there were possibilities of Apple iPhone 7 featuring a dual-SIM technology. But it did not come out. However, there are huge possibilities that in future the Apple iPhones would be coming out with support for thedual-SIM technology.

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