Apple iPhone 8 Will Sport an Incredible Bezel Free Display

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Apple iPhone 8

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 is nearly reaching a legendary status, thanks to all the rumours and leaks surrounding it. With one whole year to wait out before we see anything of the device and its probable release window coinciding with Apple’s tenth year anniversary, expectations from the Cupertino-based company’s iconic flagship smartphone aresoaring. But if rumours are to be believed, then Apple will soon ensure that the dual-edge display panel that Samsung popularised with their flagship is a thing of the past.

According to new reports, the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 will sport a bezel-free look with some even going as far as calling it a “Quad-Edge” display. The iPhone 8‘s front panelhas long been a matter of much speculation, and varying sources have been conjecturing overwhat wonders Apple may introduce in the upcoming smartphone’s display. But a bezel-free design is a concept that many smartphone makers are currently embracing, and that Apple is thinking of implementing it is not too far fetched.


The new rumour about the iPhone 8 has been sparked by a leaked image out of China.The pictorial demonstration that surfaced on Weibo, as reported by BGR, showcases three iPhones, with two of them most likely being the iPhone 7’s next gen series- the S models. The third one is believed to be the iPhone 8, apparently codenamed Ferrari within the company. This third device isdepicted as sporting a completely new design, featuring an AMOLED display that appears to be free of any bezels. This somewhat ties in with the rumours that we had heard of earlier which stated that Apple will go minimalistic on the front sideof the iPhone 8 with a concentration on the rear panel. So instead of a physical button for the Home function, the iPhone 8 might come with multitasking sensors at the back.

To come back to the newest leaks, the new image does not confirm any of the other rumours that we are presently hearing about the iPhone 8, but it does demonstrate redesigned interiors. So whether we see true wireless charging, dual SIM support, or Apple Pencil support are yet to be shed any further light on.

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