Apple iPhone 8 Will Reportedly Ditch The Fingerprint Sensor Embedded-Home button

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Apple iPhone 8

Cupertino-based tech giants Apple have been in the news considerably owing to their huge line-upof premium devices in the upcoming year and most of the discussion, quite predictably, surround the Apple iPhone 8. Post confirmation that Apple’s September 2017 launch event will feature the iPhone 7 ‘S’ variants, rumors surrounding the iPhone 8 were slated to wane down. But that has not happened quite as planned as the premise surrounding iPhone 8 is as huge as ever right now with new speculations pertaining to the device rolling out every other hour.

Apple’s upcoming iPhone ios rumoured to completely ditch the fingerprint sensor embedded home button as well as front bezels.
Apple iPhone 8

The most recent updates pertaining to the Apple iPhone 8 involves reports stating that the iPhone 8 is expected to feature void of home button but the replacement will not be theintegrated Touch ID fingerprint sensor, as previously speculated by tech enthusiasts. A patent application filed by Apple suggests that the function area in iPhone 8 is likely to be powered by micro-LED sensing technology eliminating the need of having a home button or a TouchID. As a resultant of the incorporation of this piece of technology, bulky capacitive sensors which have featured in the iPhone devices so far are moving towards eradication. The iPhone 8 has already been pegged to sport an edge to edge display with a 100% screen to body ratio void of front bezels. Something which is slated to offer a revolutionary outlook to Apple’s Eighth-generation flagship. The fingerprint sensor will most likely be pushedto the rear panel of the device.

The launch of the Apple iPhone ‘S’ variants have definitely pushed back the iPhone 8’s launch by a year at the very least but one thing which is for sure is that the premise surrounding the iPhone 8 will not die down anytime soon before the device is actually launched. With 2018 being the most probable release date for the Apple iPhone 8, the best we can do is wait till the tech giants choose to reveal more about their upcoming premiumdevice.

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